• Top 5 Social Media Trends to Put Into Practice in 2018

    The word “trend” can evoke feelings of fear and uncertainty for businesses. You want to stay ahead of the curve, but you don’t want to waste time and money on something that isn’t going to stick around (or that isn’t relevant to your business). Join Amber Naslund, Hootsuite’s senior director of industry leadership, and James Mulvey, senior social strategist, for a live webinar where you’ll learn the top five social media trends in 2018. Attendees will also receive a download of the report so they can apply the insights to their plans. Finding sustainable solutions to declining organic reach Brands must accept that organic reach is steadily declining and stop relying on short-term tactics that used to work. Instead, businesses need to start building sustainable strategies. In our social media trends webinar, we’ll show you how to start building effective strategies. If the social video your organization produces can’t be tied to any real metric or measurable business value, it’s time to rethink your strategy. Brands fatigue from new tools and tactics During our research, we heard a common complaint from our customers: They’re fatigued with the endless list of new tactics, tools, and content formats. While social networks continue to innovate and build new ways to reach audiences, marketers are under pressure to prove that their existing social strategies merit continued investment.
  • Listening to These 8 Audiobooks on Success Is a Better Use of Your Long Commute

    Commuting is mostly just unpaid work, unless you make an effort to learn something along the way. graphicstock Commutes are getting longer, and in some cities they're up to two hours each way. I have a friend in Los Angeles who does this. He passes the time with audiobooks. Now that's still a lot of time to be stuck in transit, but he doesn't view it that way. He says it allows him plenty of time to feed his personal and professional goals. I've spent years listening to literature in the car while commuting, but somewhere along the line I switched over to books on business and personal improvement. I mostly gravitated toward amazing people who built their success from scratch and who experienced tremendous hardship. It stands to reason that if you're dealing with hardships like a long commute, it's important to hear motivational words that can help you transcend the difficulties. Here are eight audiobooks that will help grow your success, both personal and professional, on your next commute:
  • 10 Helpful Social Media Writing Tips For Businesses

    What are your brand’s values and how are you going to get them across on social media? Remember why people are using most social media in the first place — to connect with friends — and why they follow your Facebook page instead of just visiting your website. Studies even show that some of the most shared posts are just 11 words and incorporate video and emoji like Buzzfeed below: If you want to share a blog or story with your readers, then introduce it briefly and include a link to it. Takeaways Your social media page is a great place to link to your blog not to copy and paste it Use emoji to illustrate your point instead of explaining it in long sentences Use fewer words as a teaser to your link, video, or infographic 3. Your CTA or Call To Action is something you need to be aware of every time you write for your brand. But you do want your fans to take action, don’t you? Takeaways Be punchy and direct with your CTAs like “Watch Now” or “Read More” Ask a short question or make an impactful statement to pique interest Don’t confuse your fans by asking for too many actions. Write as though you are speaking directly to each fan and you will see a much better engagement rate. Takeaways Explain to your CEO why informal language works better on social media Tailor your style and words to suit each of your social networks Speak directly to each fan to improve your engagement rates 5. For example, say you are a beauty company and you know your target audience is women.
  • What All Marketers Can Learn from Fast Food Giants Crushing Twitter

    After all, social media is part of the fabric of our daily lives—and arguably our identities. So, what’s a marketer or brand to do? And that’s where some of our favorite fast food brands such as Wendy’s, KFC and McDonald’s can provide us a little food for thought. Most recently, Wendy’s was challenged to a duel with Wingstop, a chicken wing restaurant chain that grown to more than 1,000 locations around the world. Marketers, particularly those managing social media, have to stop thinking customer service is not “someone else’s problem.” As social customer care expert and McDonald’s Senior Director of Global Social Media, Dan Gingiss, told me in his Behind the Marketing Curtain interview earlier this year: “When we interrupt people’s social media feeds with marketing messages, we hope that they will engage with our fun and interesting marketing content. Since social media is the first and only channel where customers can talk back, marketers need to listen and engage.” #3 – Social media can be a vivid extension of your brand. Finally, last month, the internet went bonkers after Twitter user Mike Edgette discovered that KFC’s official Twitter account followed just 11 people: All five members of 90s pop group the Spice Girls, as well as six random guys named Herb. Find Your Unique Flavor Every brand has a story to tell—and social media platforms can help you bring that story to life and season it with the voices of your community. If you’re looking to craft your recipe for success, check out our post 8 Important Questions Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Must Answer. What other fast food restaurants have you grown to admire on social media?
  • 10 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

    As we establish in our six-step guide to creating a social media marketing plan you must: Set social media goals and objectives. After choosing which social networks are best suited for your small business, build up your social presence on each network, in accordance with your broader business goals and audience. Pinterest: What makes Pinterest unique is its users, who are searching to find ideas for all parts of their lives. Learn more in our comprehensive guide to using Pinterest for business. One of the best ways to conduct successful market research is by creating audience personas for your customers. Therefore, your social content across all your channels should be no more than 20 percent promotional. With Hootsuite you can schedule up to 350 social media posts at once. Schedule content to free up more time for engagement Sharing relevant content is important, but it shouldn’t get in the way of the time you need to actively engage the audience. Find inspiration from successful brands and those in your space There’s no shame in using winning strategies on social that other brands have used to great effect. Want more social media tips and strategy to help grow your small business?
  • 20 Tips to Organically Market Your Brand on Instagram (Infographic)

    Image credit: Alexandra Iakovleva | Getty Images Instagram has proven to be the marketing platform of the future, catapulting many brands to new heights with millions of followers scrolling every day. Since the social media app allows companies to promote their brand without buying expensive and often ineffective ads, marketing is not only cheaper but feels more organic to consumers -- but only when done right. To market yourself or your brand on Instagram, there are many ways to get huge followings and user engagement without buying followers. Harnessing the platform’s digital tools, from hashtags to filters, develops a brand aesthetic and drives increased traffic to your profile. Instagram also boosts your brand’s visibility with tools to seamlessly share via other social media sites and interact directly with consumers through likes and comments. For more effective tips and tricks to market your brand best on this explosive platform, check out the infographic from Market Inspector below.
  • Should My Business Bother To Have Social Media KPIs?

    Which Social Media KPIs Should I Measure? You can measure hundreds of different metrics on social media, but that being said, there are four main areas your social media KPIs should focus on: Reach Engagement Leads Conversions 1. You can measure your social media reach by tracking the following KPIs: Fans or Followers This is the most obvious social media KPI but still one to include. If you are running paid ads in Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn then you will also be able to see the number of clicks to your website. Reach is a bit like the CPI (cost per impression) metric. It measures the “social” in social media. Comments Great content sparks conversation. These engagement metrics apply across most social media channels and make great KPIs. Here’s why: If your company is managing the whole funnel from marketing, then marketing is in control of the process. However, most funnels are split between marketing, customer service and sales.
  • This Entrepreneur Helps Celebrities Harness Their Fame to Build Their Brands

    Also new in the mix are the social media so-called "influencers" and stars who have popped up out of nowhere. These home-grown talents have made it through their own efforts and clever collaborations, shooting their own videos and photos and telling their stories directly to their fans and followers. IMG Artists, a leading global arts and entertainment representation firm, was purchased by Wissman from IMG, the global entertainment monolith that recently merged with leading Hollywood agency WME. "We are here to advise them on how to build their overall brands as celebrities, entrepreneurs and philanthropists. Empower, Wissman's partnership with Robert Earl, is focusing on building brands and businesses for its clients who have developed a following. Wissman knows that there are others out there like him. With this collaboration, Wissman plans to build social media stars' philanthropic profiles, which he sees as an area of opportunity and way to focus on giving back and doing the right thing. Now, Wissman is going a step further toward the future focused on his philanthropic efforts. Wissman's point of view is that nothing can change the past. The digital world won't let it go.
  • 5 Ways to Get a Journalist to Respond to Your Pitch

    You begin drafting pitch letters and emailing the top 20 or 30 media outlets that you thought would pick up your story in a second -- only to find out that no journalist replies back to your emails. Follow up one to two times after you send your initial pitch. Related: Pitching Your Business to a Journalist? Here's What Not to Do If you still didn't get a response from the journalist after your second email, you can send one more email after that, but that's it. If the first pitching angle you used didn't generate the attention of a journalist, try switching what you're pitching. Make sure you're pitching the right person. If you aren't 100 percent sure who the right person is, go on and check out the media contact's job description. Pitch a different journalist at the same media outlet. If you've pitched 20 or 30 media outlets and didn't receive a response. This will help you craft a story that is relevant, timely, and newsworthy.
  • Digital Marketing News: Social Storefront, The Trust Project and Facebook’s New App

    Social Content is the New Storefront [Infographic] Regardless what others might say, social content is here to stay. Social Media Today Google tries to bring more transparency to news content with help from The Trust Project Google has teamed up with The Trust Project that works with over 75 news organizations to determine the difference between quality and promotional content that may be plagued with misinformation. And while it hasn’t always been a fan favorite, it has impacted the approach to SEO. Search Engine Journal The State Of Subscription Video, In 5 Charts With more and more content publishers and brands looking to video as the new frontier, many are also looking to monetize their offerings. Digiday Google aims to make apps for Google Assistant more functional and discoverable Are homes getting smarter with the help of Google? According to Google, they are making a number of updates to make it easier for third party apps to integrate and develop specific items for key users. Where does that leave other retailers during the holiday season? MarketingProfs LinkedIn lets advertisers generate leads from Sponsored InMail, Dynamic Ad campaigns As of April (no fools) LinkedIn launched their lead gen forms which let advertisers collect information through Sponsored Content Ads.Now, these options are available to members using the Sponsored InMail ad format which has enabled brands to add their own questions to the forms. MarketingLand What were your top digital marketing news stories this week? We’ll be back next week with more digital marketing news!

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