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  • 7 Things to Know Before Running an Ad Campaign on Instagram

    They are similar, but they’re far from identical, and for brands who are used to Facebook ads—this is what you need to know before you run an Instagram ad campaign. There are two types of Instagram ads There are two types of Instagram ads: ads that will appear in the mobile feed, and story ads. Like Facebook’s News Feed posts, they can consist of several different types of ad formats—including a single image, a video, or carousel ads that use both— and they can be saved like normal posts. They’ll take up a users’ entire screen (requiring content with a 9:16 image ratio), but they’re shorter than regular videos, and once they’re gone users can’t scroll back. Mobile feed ads must be kept under 60 seconds long, and story ads must be kept under 15 seconds long. If you’re running a campaign with placements for both Instagram and Facebook, keep this in mind: Facebook allows videos to go long past the 60 seconds, so you’ll either need to run separate ads or cut the video down to meet Instagram’s specifications. You don’t need to use hashtags Because you pay for them, Instagram ads are guaranteed to be delivered to your target audience. Instagram ads might cost more than Facebook ads According to a recent test and detailed analysis by AdEspresso, Instagram ads often cost more than both Facebook and audience network placements. High engagement means Instagram ads are worth the cost Though Instagram ads may cost more than other platforms and placement options within the Facebook ads system, the high engagement makes them undeniably worth it. Instagram’s organic content consistently has some of the highest engagement rates amongst all social media platforms, so it’s not much of a surprise than their ads do as well.
  • 12 Questions You Need to Answer if You Want to Launch a Video Content Strategy

    “You have to innovate.” But before you get started with video content, Mattson said you need to answer some critical questions if you want your venture to be successful. The success of any of your marketing initiatives, especially if you’re looking to add a new tactic like video to the mix, depends on getting buy-in from the top. In order to create dynamic video content, you’re going to need to lean on folks in multiple departments. As a result, you need to be prepared to be met with some resistance, and have a plan to help you work around it. At the end of the day, you’re creating video to help tell your brand’s story. While it’s widely known that video costs more to produce, Mattson said you don’t need to have a huge budget. You just need to know what your budget is and make a thorough list of what needs to be included. As a result, you need to have a strategy content plan that helps you keep a cadence that will keep your audience coming back and make an impact. At the end of the day, if you’re going to do video you have to make sure that you have an audience for it. One Final Thought When it comes to creating and executing on a video strategy — or your overall marketing strategy for that matter — there’s one big thing that Mattson said that really resonated with me: For me, this comes down to storytelling.
  • Never Run Out of Content to Share: 70+ Places to Curate Great Content

    Never Run Out of Content to Share: 70+ Places to Curate Great Content. There are many great websites on all sorts of topics. From design to education, marketing to remote work, and beyond. Here are all the categories covered in this list: How to curate quickly from your favorite sites Just a quick aside: my favorite method of curating content quickly is to use an RSS reader like Feedly. When I’m curating content to share, I would open up Feedly, scan through the latest posts from the sites I’m following, and read only those that stand out. The Content Strategist by Contently: Contently’s industry-leading publication for content marketing news and analysis. There are so many great marketing blogs out there! If you liked this list, you might also like our lists for content marketing blogs, advanced marketing blogs, and personal blogs of startup marketers. Remote Work Blog by Are you starting, building or managing a remote team? If you want to share your own blog, do you mind including a few more of your favorite websites as well?
  • 6 Foolproof Strategies to Increase Your Facebook Event Attendance

    6 Foolproof Strategies to Increase Your Facebook Event Attendance. In this post, we’re going to take a look at six of the most effective and foolproof strategies to drive up your Facebook event attendance with plenty of time to spare. As people engage with content on your event’s page, this may also show up in newsfeeds of their friends, increasing the visibility of your event even further. A lot of people underestimate how effective hashtags can be when you want to increase attendance, especially for local events. Promote the Event with Facebook Ads Facebook Ads has some new event promotion features that I was really excited to see. When you want to increase event attendance, one of the best ways to do so quickly is to boost the event through Facebook’s Ad system. Boosting the event is quick and easy, even for businesses who have zero experience with Facebook Ads. One of these audiences is created off of those who engaged with your Facebook event. You can create a custom audience for users who responded “Going,” “Interested,” or both to your event. How do you increase your Facebook event attendance?
  • Want the Sale? Ask for It in Your Facebook Ads.

    By making a few small tweaks to your Facebook marketing, you can dramatically improve your results. You can attract better leads to your business and turn them into profitable sales. It is as though they believe that "if we post it, they will come." Ensure you are always giving a time-sensitive call to action that includes a reason why your prospects should act now. Doing so will increase your audience engagement, drive more traffic to your website and result in more profitable sales. The inclusion of calls to action into your marketing doesn't mean you are selling a product in exchange for money with each posting. One example of this is the "Call to Action" button you can add to your video posts when complete. Best of all, the Call to Action Buttons can all be linked to the website or phone number of your choice. It used to be against Facebook rules to include visual calls to action, such as a button on a post. Start with one or two of the strategies outlined above and you will increase your Facebook marketing results.
  • Stop the Marketing Killjoy: 5 Ways You’re Turning off Audiences with Bad Video

    Stop the Marketing Killjoy: 5 Ways You’re Turning off Audiences with Bad Video. In his session at Content Marketing World, Tim not only shared how improv can help your B2B marketing, but he shared the five ways you can kill the joy in your videos. Also, make sure to not set an expectation that they are approving the entire video script. Caption Settings Dialog Beginning of dialog window. Once you start explaining, you lose your audience. #3 – Death by Talking About Yourself We forget that we have customers or clients and talk all about our products or services. When telling a story, share one point at a time and move forward. Stop telling people that your company is amazing. As videos become more of your marketing repertoire, don’t forget to help your audience find the joy in your story. Bring Joy with Video Marketing In the end, video is a means of which many people consume content but a bad video doesn’t make for a great experience.
  • The Hard Reality of What It Takes to Become a Social-Media Icon

    And these businesses trust top social media influencers to help. Becoming a social media icon is the dream of many young people. For most millennials dreaming of becoming a social media star, the missing link between them and achieving their dream is the "substance" needed to build a platform upon. "I started five years ago when I was launching my first novel and working as a radio speaker for one of the most important radio shows," she said in an email interview. "A social media manager heard about me and said I should have been on social media with a different approach. Being in the U.S., the couple was able to pursue even bigger dreams -- and make fashion a big part of their lives. With the right algorithms, content, projects, strategy and some luck, I became recognized as one of the 100 top fashion icons and influencers. While it's hard to say Lein wouldn't have found her big break without the foundation she started, it did give her a clearer sense of understanding and opened her to learn what she wanted from social media. When I asked Lein what tips she wanted to share with millennials wishing to become successful at social media, one of the tips that resonated the most was to be thoroughly professional. This includes getting training from experts and finding the right professional tools to produce better content.
  • Make Your Audience a Community: Put Culture at the Core of Your Content Marketing Strategy

    Frank and his team created Gameplan A, a content hub that expresses the company’s culture. The content on Gameplan A clearly says, “This is what we are like. Instead of trying to become what an ever-changing audience wants, Frank says, make culture your north star. How does the brand express these convictions, ideas, and values? Added together, your values, ideas, convictions and behaviors form your identity. The brand’s culture, expressed through Gameplan A’s content, acts as a beacon for those who share the brand’s values. How to Express Your Culture Through Content Marketing When you filter content through the lens of your brand’s culture, you can form stronger, more valuable connections with your audience. Frank explained how his team uses Gameplan A to promote adidas’ culture: #1: Align Internal and External Messaging According to Frank, it’s crucial to start by engaging your employees. When your internal and external messaging share the same culture, you can have a meaningful exchange of ideas with your community: Your audience can actually bring value to your continued cultural evolution. Document the values, ideas, convictions and behaviors that define your identity.
  • 4 Types of Facebook Ads You Should Use to Grow Your Business

    Different ad formats and ad types offer different benefits, and in this post we’re going to look at four that businesses shouldn’t overlook. All you need them to do is watch the video. Later on, you can run a retargeting ad from the audience that watched the video up to a certain point, and show them an offer ad or lead ad. Lead ads Lead ads are one of our favorite Facebook ad features. Lead Ads can only be created from the “Lead Generation” objective. They’re most effective with an audience that is somewhat familiar with you, so using them as part of a retargeting campaign for an audience of past site visitors or those who watched your video are a good way to go. When shown to audiences towards the beginning of the digital sales funnel, carousel ads should focus on showing off different products, or features that makes your products and services unique. While many focus on the extensive targeting features Facebook ad offers as the platform’s biggest asset—which in many ways it is—the diverse ad formats and placements should also be taken into account. Brands and businesses can appeal to audience members in different stages of the digital sales funnel with the most effective messages and mediums possible, using ads types that are best suited for each individual goal. By getting creative and using a combination of different ad types and placements, businesses will be able to grow their businesses more efficiently through Facebook Ads.

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