oneQube & Launch Content Marketing Solution for Auto Dealers at the NABD National Conference

New Digital Marketing Platform Enables Auto Dealers to Develop their Own Content Audience

Auto Dealers can now expand their marketing capabilities to include valuable content for their site visitors.  This comes at the perfect time - content marketing and social media are proving to be the key driver of sales and brand building.  

Keynote speaker and celebrated auto industry leader Michael Jackson will be making the announcement at NABD National Conference, Las Vegas.  As the CEO and founder of and Auto Search Technologies, Inc. he will be delivering a message of massive change soon to come.  One of the biggest moments will be the unveiling of a groundbreaking new technology called ContentPlus by oneQube, a new powerful local content audience development platform.

The subject matter of Mike’s talk is “Using the web and social media to gain market share.” The central message brings new insights to dealers on reaching millennials and gaining control over their local market. This will be continued in the follow-up class on Wednesday, where Mike will be joined by founding partner Beto Paredes to further this message.  They believe that content marketing offers incredible opportunities for the independent dealer to build their reputation and business.

“When Peter called me and told me what he was doing with ContentPlus I was so excited to see how we could leverage it to enable auto dealer to develop thier own audience.  I knew it would fit right in with what we were bringing to the 2,000 auto dealers in our network. What we have coming is going to permanently change the marketplace with breaking speeds. ContentPlus is a mirror of our overall vision for the auto industry. I am so excited to share Peter’s incredible new service with an industry that needs it desperately.”  - Beto Paredes, Founder | Auto Search Technologies, Inc.

“We are thrilled to announce our aut0 dealer channel partnership to enable the over 2,000 dealers to be able to build thier own content audience.” - Peter Bordes CEO oneQube

ContentPlus enables auto dealers to create content channels on their website.  The goal is to create content-driven relationships (and lead generation) in the communities they serve. ContentPlus automation builds targeted, curated content related to car buying, credit building, loan applications and more.  By increasing site visits, and driving deeper engagement with their proprietary website, Content Plus feeds organic SEO traffic and allows content to publish in their social audience channels automatically.