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  • Automatic Insights: How AI and Machine Learning Improve Customer Service

    If you've ever loaded a new image into the photos application on your computer and had it instantly recognize the faces of every person there, you've seen the power of AI on display. This is the power of machine learning on display. AI + machine learning = automatic insights In an enterprise environment, concepts like AI and machine learning are usually small but significant parts of the more recognizable concept of business analytics. Thanks to machine learning, the more data you feed it, the better it gets. The real-world impact on the digital experience One example of a company benefiting handsomely from these technologies is Air Canada. Recently, Air Canada wanted to learn more about its mobile app users to identify new opportunities for customer experience improvements. Air Canada needed to know more about the customers using its mobile app -- including what uses they preferred and which devices they were using. Glassbox's Digital Behavioral and Digital Experience Performance Analytics solutions was the tool used to glean this information. Air Canada is just one example of companies that have benefited from the power that AI, machine learning and other "automatic insights" bring to the table. Companies like Glassbox, Domo and others haven't just strengthened our existing business analytics platforms: In many ways, they've created a brand new one.
  • 5 Reasons Machine Learning Is the Future of Marketing

    Machine learning focuses on developing computer programs that can access data, analyze it and use it to learn. Visit a website, and you don't need to wait long for an ad to surface on your timeline. "These new technologies allow companies analyze tons of data in real time, 24/7, getting deep insights. Effective business marketing reaches its audience and creates conversions. For want of a better strategy, marketing campaigns have taken a trial-and-error approach. Imagine your marketing efforts were seen mainly by the people you want to see them -- people who've searched for what you have to offer, or whose online behavior suggests they're mostly likely to be interested in your products or services. Machine learning has the potential to reduce much of marketing's imprecise nature. Machine learning drives our algorithms for demand forecasting, product search ranking, product and deals recommendations, merchandising placements, fraud detection, translations and much more." It reduces costs. Machine learning's precision informs production and distribution for offline materials, too.
  • Digital Marketing News: Pinterest PPC, Facebook Sets, Online Beats Offline Shopping

    Find out what Machine Learning is, how it works, and how it will change the world. Futurism Survey: 37% of online retailers started holiday preparations earlier this year. Since more people than ever before are getting their news from social media, it makes sense that Facebook wants to help publishers by introducing subscriptions for content on its platform. Google has finally added a feature to let you easily add a ‘book online’ button to your local business on Google Maps or Google Search. Soon, some businesses might not even need a website. Advertisers can make programmatic buys on Snap Ads — 10-second vertical video units — across the app’s public user stories, Snapchat-curated live stories and Discover publisher channels and Snapchat shows. Deloitte predicts people will do 51% of their holiday spending online, making it the first time it may surpass in-store spending. Google is rolling out an attribution model it introduced in May, powering the platform with machine learning. TechCrunch Pinterest moves into paid search: What you need to know. If you’re reading this post early on Friday, you can follow the event from 8-10am CT on Twitter with the hashtag #smbmsp100 What was the top digital marketing news story for you this week?

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