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oneQubeSpider™ accesses Twitter 24/7 searching for people or businesses that match your exact criteria!

When oneQubeSpider™ finds an exact match, the profiles are emailed to you and simultaneously entered into your on-line Spider Web database and are accessible on any device: mobile, tablet, or computer. You control how often oneQubeSpider™ crawls conversations and when you receive profiles via email.

Multi-Point Search

100% exact targeting

With oneQube Spider, you can rapidly configure a conversation web that includes hashtags, keywords/phrases, @ replies or urls, then extract only those profiles that meet your exact criteria for engagement from that web. Want to reach CEO's with 5000+ followers that live in New York? No problem using oneQubeSpider!

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Access From Anywhere


In today's increasingly, mobile 24/7 marketing environment, it is more important than ever for businesses and brands to be able tap into real-time trends and conversations no matter where you are. Spider's fully responsive design allows you to market on the move and configure conversations and access data from any device. You will never miss an opportunity to engage with Spider!

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Email Alerts


With oneQubeSpider, you never have to worry about missing an important conversation and opportunity to engage. Our proprietary Profile Alert Delivery (PAD) system delivers targeted profiles right to your email inbox for engagement on demand, no matter where you are. Create Team distribution lists to make sure a great conversation doesn't fall through the cracks!

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Real-Time Marketing


Social Media happens in real-time, and so should your marketing and prospecting initiatives. Use oneQubeSpider to monitor trending events, live conferences, or capture second screen media conversations as they happen. Find business leads, brand advocates, or leading influencers in the real-time conversations that are relevant to your social mission!

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Use Cases

oneQubeSpider can be a powerful tool to find potential business prospects, customers and strategic partners. By monitoring the conversations that are relevant to your market space 24/7, you will always be in a position to engage the right person when the opportunity presents itself. Our proprietary oneQube Drill can appended additional information to a social profile including postal address, contact emails, phone numbers, and additional social nets liked LinkedIn or Facebook. Export social contacts via .csv into your CRM for follow up and engagement!
oneQubeSpider can be used to monitor your hashtag campaigns 24/7 and will alert you when that Super-Influencer interacts with your campaign. You can also track your competition’s marketing initiatives and engage the people that are talking about THEIR brand. If you are a publisher, monitor who is sharing your content and the impact of that sharing on readership and share of voice. Tap into trending conversations to connect your content or brand with the right people at the right time. It’s all possible with oneQubeSpider.
Hashtags are embedded in the public consciousness and are now being used throughout Big Media to create community and drive live viewership. oneQubeSpider can capture all of those conversations and quickly identify the best people to engage with and amplify your brand. With potentially thousands of Tweets streaming a minute, oneQubeSpider empowers community managers to make the right connections everytime. Spider also measures the “Signal” strength of your audience, creating a Social Media PPM metric that can differentiate your audience from the competition.
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