• Providing the Best Content Experience

    Content docents: Providing the best content experience. Sure, everything is beautiful, but what should I see first? Is there a specific path I should take? And remember, the best docents don’t have to use many words to speak volumes. Docent Doug Kessler Guidance: Rewrite and edit ruthlessly. Be honest. Docent Wil Reynolds Guidance: Change Google browser settings to show 10 suggestions when searching, instead of 4. Docent Jay Baer Guidance: Before you create content, write down for whom you are writing specifically. Docent Ardath Albee Guidance: Make the audience the hero of the story you’re telling. My friends, plan your next art appreciation excursion near the north coast at Content Marketing World 2017 in Cleveland.
  • 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Impact Your Marketing Strategy

    5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Positively Impact Your Marketing Strategy. And artificial intelligence is going to make it easy. However with the real-time personalization provided by AI, marketers will gain the ability to deliver different experiences to individual customers visiting their site or reading their emails, based on their previous behavior or demographic data. The broad customer behavioral patterns are aligned with individual members, and as per reports, the technology has thus far helped USAA improve their guess rate from 50% to 88% accuracy. Many companies already use artificial intelligence to suggest or recommend new offers based on their subscribers’ activities and other demographics. The need for AI in the security domain is extreme. And if their data isn’t secure, all your efforts will go to waste. But what if that content can be automated? Still, if reasonably high-quality content can be generated with the help of AI, it will undeniably help marketers deal with the increase in competition and writing content at scale. Google implemented machine learning in search, advertisements and recommendations on YouTube years ago, and it’s high time for marketers across the globe to take steps toward doing the same.
  • Powerful Visual Content Strategies

    When people like how you write your pieces or how you present your data, they will be anticipating your next post. The best use of both is a balance of those abilities that can provide a multitude of effects on readers. Communicate with Readers If images lack one thing, it’s words. They can help provide what you think the image lacks—the bigger picture, so to speak—or at least give enough information for you to come up with your own conclusion, especially when the topic is open-ended. Words can affect how visualized data is seen. Words have the power to make your piece more than it appears to be. A picture doesn’t speak for itself more than when you pair it with words, but words can express themselves in ways deeper than anyone can ever imagine. For anyone who studied writing and is always working to improve their craft, relying solely on imagery can make your content sound—and look—nice, but there’s no substance to it if there’s no synchronization and harmony between the topic and the elements. You crafted it because it’s meant to be read. They are an element of your design and your post.
  • How @Brightpeak financial Used Audience Segmentation to Increase Traffic 97 Percent

    Contently Case Story: How brightpeak financial Used Audience Segmentation to Increase Traffic 97 Percent. The better brightpeak can define its personas, the easier it will be to target people who fit those personalities. “Each of our personas have different concerns and approaches when it comes to different financial topics,” Haugen said. Their strategy involves mapping audience personas to different stages of the marketing funnel, creating a path for how content works together to drive each audience segment to a particular product page. In the Contently platform, brightpeak’s content plan focuses on three pillars: saving for emergencies, getting insurance, and planning for milestones. Average engagement and finish rates, in turn, have helped Haugen optimize content on a per-story basis. Upon digging into engagement analytics, Haugen realized that when infographics were placed at the beginning of the post, engagement time was low. “That’s part of the reason that we see an increase in traffic because we’re able to consistently get out more content that’s high quality.” “We listen … That’s how we finesse our personas. (Is it really Paul? At the same time, Haugen and her brightpeak team will remain committed to getting to know the people who shape these personas.
  • How Social Media Marketing Can Stabilize Your Google Ranking

    Everyone wants to rank better on Google; no one wants to be on page 2 or 3 in a Google search result. So if you’re looking to get stable rankings, wouldn’t it be best to first find out where most of your potential customers are hanging out online in order to offer them your services? In that video, while Cutts made it very clear that Google does not use social signaling to rank your pages, he did however, state that “Facebook and Twitter pages are treated like any other pages in our web index, and so if something occurs on Twitter or occurs on Facebook and we’re able to crawl it then we can return that in our search results.” Webcast, June 6th: Achieving More with Less: How Grammarly's Lean Growth Team Delivers Outsized Results Many SEO and internet marketing experts outline that posting links to your websites on popular social media websites can definitely boost your rankings and grow your business. If you follow these simple steps then you will be able to use the traffic from social media to boost your website statistics, therefore, increasing your Google rank: Create social media accounts that you will use to gain an audience/following Write articles (and social media posts) that offer great content, using keywords and phrases that your potential customers are searching for and post them to your social media accounts. Repeat steps 2 & 3 By using your social media profile to post short sentences with a link to your blogs, you will start to generate traffic from your profile to your website for free (especially if your followers share content from your website). Also, the more your posts are shared the more search engines assume that the content is of value. Therefore, once persons search for those keywords they may come across your profile and the content that you post, some of which includes a link to your website. Those readers who visit your website and love the content will naturally share it on social media thus increasing the authenticity of click through which improves your website statistics that will rank you better on Google. It will be very important that you learn good social media customer service strategies in order to keep your audience fully engaged and talking about your brand. That being said, social media can definitely help you to increase your rankings by making posts that engage your users enough that they want to naturally share your content as well.
  • 21 Experts Share Tips to Create Content Your Audience Will Love

    21 Experts Share Their Best Tips to Create Content Your Audience Will Love. 1 tip to create content their audience will love. Why should people read your article vs. someone else’s? The more personal you get with them, the more likely they are to share the article. Reach out to them and let them know you’re writing a specific article they may be interested in. Talia Wolf, GetUpLift Make it all about the audience The biggest mistake I see is creating content that is focused on you, and not the audience. This can be done in the comment section on your blog (or a blog with the same target audience), by emailing them, or through social media. Once the article goes live, I can then reach out to the sites mentioned within the article, and ask them to promote it on their end. A perfect example of this would be if you were to create an “industry stats” post on whatever market you might be. What is your best tip for creating content your audience will love?
  • 4 Fantastic Tools that Will Give You an Advantage at Social Media Marketing

    4 Fantastic Tools that Will Give You an Advantage at Social Media Marketing. What does it take to succeed at social media marketing? Marketing efficiency, no doubt, matters as much as marketing effectiveness, especially if you – like most social media marketers – can afford to spend between an hour and five hours each week on online social engagement. HubSpot’s blog topic generator is designed to keep your blog topics list fresh and engaging. The advocacy feature enables businesses to leverage their employees’ social media presence by making it easy for them to share branded content and company news with one-click scheduling or immediate posting. – Combine with HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator to create fresh or time-sensitive content efficiently – Schedule posts for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from a single dashboard on your desktop or mobile device – Add, follow and curate updates from your favorite feeds – Save curated content to a content library for re-purposing and re-promoting at opportune times – Use DrumUp’s native advertising solution to promote your content on the platform, and boost views and social shares 3. Pick one from several stock templates on the site to add visual elements to your posts or convert posts to infographics. Besides adding relevant images to your blog posts and embedding images to Facebook posts, here are some visual marketing tips using Canva: – Embed a SlideShare slideshow to your LinkedIn post – Create Pinterest pins and boards – Optimize your Facebook cover photo – Create Facebook ad images – Make postcards with inspirational quotes/a social message to share on Twitter 4. Tweepi also simplifies the task of engaging key followers with @ mentions, with the option to move them to a separate list to monitor their engagement with your brand. – Find your target audience – Follow your competitors’ followers – Discover people who are talking about a topic related to your niche – Follow people who are using hashtags relevant to your industry Explore these tools in detail and try them out to start building out or strengthening your social media marketing toolkit.