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The crypto space is  becoming more competitive. In order to have a successful token launch, projects have to communicate their value proposition. Having a technology partner that has the necessary tools and ability to identify, communicate and engage with token buyers will significantly help projects to deliver their message to their target market.

Let oneQube help you Launch a Successful ICO or utility token

Launch a Successful ICO / TGE by leveraging our Audience Development and Engagement Platform

The crypto space is in its nascent days and many of the marketing tactics deployed in other industries are not effective. For instance, when looking at any given ICO / TGE, a company cannot expect to effectively rank their keywords in a timely enough fashion to achieve desired result.

oneQube focuses on driving direct and measurable results for our clients. We use a combination of Organic Audience Development, Paid Social Media, Organic Community Management, Email Nurturing, Community Activation, Content Amplification, and PR to drive interested parties to their website to learn more about their project.


Establishing credibility within your community and potential users of the platform is the key for a successful token generation event. Together with our clients, we put great effort into building trust with the audience.

We leverage our network of thought leaders and add additional exposure through features in major publications to help our customers reach their target token buyers and successfully convey their message.

oneQube ensures our clients build the reputation and awareness for their token to have the most successful project launch

Launch a Successful ICO with oneQube

We craft the right message that conveys the value of your token and speaks directly to your ideal audience

Social Media
We used a combination of targeted actions to help you build your social footprint, identifying and engaging with users of your platform and building traffic that leads to conversions.

PR (Publishing on Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, etc.)
We help you reach your potential token buyers by featuring your project in the right publications.

Paid Promotion
We use a combination of organic and paid media (Adwords, Paid Social, Display and Email) to promote your token to the right audience and increase visibility, cutting through all the noise.

Display Targeted Campaigns
Leveraging targeted audiences built via oneQube’s audience platform, we built custom display campaigns using look-alike audiences to accelerate adoption for your token.

Reddit, Groups, Communities and Forums
Actively engaging with your communities combined with high-level visibility is one of the keys to a successful token generation event. We work directly with our clients to identify the key forums, groups and communities that will target the ideal audience and yield results.


We are the partner that can significantly contribute to the success of your project.

Our platform and team have a proven track record in technology and digital marketing. We carefully tailor every campaign on a case by case basis. This enables us to help our clients launch a successful token generation event in one of the most competitive and noisy markets.

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