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  • How We’re Building a Content Marketing Dream Team

    As the digital landscape continues to grow and shift, digital marketing — particularly content marketing — has a majority stake in most brands’ marketing strategies these days. As a result, brands and agencies alike are on the lookout for savvy, driven content gurus with proven writing, planning and strategy skills to add to their marketing teams — including TopRank Marketing. We’ve rolled with the changing tides and now we’re on the cutting edge of next-gen content marketing — namely influencer marketing and co-creation. So, we’ve doubled down on our commitment to bring top-notch marketers across disciplines into the TopRank Marketing family; we’re building a dream team. We’ve identified three core building blocks — building blocks we think every organization should consider during their search for talent. As a result, their research skills — and the ability to understand and interpret what they uncover — need to be on-point. So, coupled with the research skills requirement, writers need to be able to discover, internalize and draw meaningful data insights, and use them to strengthen the story they’re telling. TopRank Marketing’s approach to digital marketing is rooted in the belief that integration is key to creating best-answer content that drives results. Without some love for the tasks and people who occupy that time, personal satisfaction and excellence can’t be found.
  • You Have to Be on These 5 Social Media Platforms

    In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Jason Balin of Hard Money Bankers welcomes guest Glenn Younes of Corner Unit Media, and together they break down the five social media platforms you need to use with your business today. The first is the most obvious one: Facebook. Both Balin and Younes agree that if you can only do a single social platform, then Facebook is your best option. It has billions of users and allows you to target your ideal audience easily from among that larger group. Click play to learn the other four and how best to use them for your business. Entrepreneur Network is a premium video network providing entertainment, education and inspiration from successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders. We provide expertise and opportunities to accelerate brand growth and effectively monetize video and audio content distributed across all digital platforms for the business genre. EN is partnered with hundreds of top YouTube channels in the business vertical. Click here to become a part of this growing video network.
  • 7 Tips for Service-Based Business Owners to Crush it on Social Media

    In addition to courses on personal branding and instagram, she recently launched a unique social media subscription service called Social Curator. She explained this means to get out and do the work on your craft itself, and then within your peers and with marketing. The answer, she shared, is that they worked hard for years. People would meet with my competition ... they would have more albums to show people and I had one, or I just had a digital slideshow .... At the end of the day, people really got behind me as a person, they became somebody that they wanted to believe in and walk that journey with and that was the start of a personal brand." "[I realized] if I can teach other people the things that I was learning along the way, that I would be able to create trust with people. Yes, sharing as you learn means you will make public mistakes. Star recalled the first time she posted a "look at my new lens" post like she'd seen from other photographers. As you share, Star advises you to run every post through an ideal client filter. Photographer. Helping entrepreneurs grow social platforms."
  • This Instagrammer With More Than 1.5 Million Followers Is Now Traveling the World in a 4-Seater Plane

    Cole is the owner of adventure and travel Instagram account, @funforlouis, where he documents his life, his travels and his adventures. I think I started both [my YouTube and Instagram accounts] in 2011. I remember thinking I really wanted to share photos, and people [had] been telling me [to] start an Instagram account so I set it up in Brazil and post[ed] my first photos from there. By the time I've picked [a photo] out, edited it [and] thought of a caption -- probably an hour. It's normally just trying to find the right photo because there might be multiple photos from a day or a location, and then you’re thinking back and forth which one looks better. The best way to engage is posting Instagram Stories, so posting video clips [of] fun little snippets of your day. So if I just posted a closeup shot of me doing something, I'd probably then post a wider landscape shot. I prefer those brand partnerships because everyone wins -- the brand is getting exposure [and] my audience is finding out about cool cameras and cool shots. And then Instagram doesn't have a way of monetizing on their platform -- like taking a revenue from adverts, like from YouTube for instance.
  • 3 Mouth-Watering Content Marketing Case Studies That Bring Home the Bacon

    6 months along and in arrives a marketing email with the subject line: “[Infographic] Good Marketing starts with good snacks.” Yes, I understand, I’m not literally going to get any food out of this, but I expect to see some mouth-watering graphics upon opening the email. The infographic was 100% unrelated to food. But it is also our jobs to pay off what we’ve promised the audience within our content. In following best practices, like delivering on a promise, this content has been able to drive outstanding results, bringing home the bacon for brands. I mean, “mouth-watering” and “bacon” are in my headline. For this client, a single lead has the average value of $5,000-$20,000 (and sometimes up to $100,000) in revenue.
  • What To Do If Your Facebook Audience Speaks Multiple Languages

    You can’t risk excluding potential customers just because your social media doesn’t translate well, and you don’t want to. You can use Facebook’s “post in multiple languages” feature. This is a relatively new feature that allows businesses to post a message in multiple languages. If your social media manager speaks both English and Spanish, for example, she’ll do a much better job offering messages in both languages than Facebook’s translation tool. Once you select the second language, you’ll need to write out the full translation yourself; Facebook doesn’t do this automatically for you. When someone interacts with your page in another language, use our one-click translation for an accurate translation.
  • Decoding the Facebook Algorithm: A Fully Up-to-Date List of the Algorithm Factors and Changes

    August 11, 2016: Posts that are informative will rank higher in the News Feed of people whom might find them relevant. If Facebook finds that a Page’s posts might not be authentic, such as people are often hiding those posts, Facebook will rank those posts lower in the News Feed. Consider posting timely, relevant posts to get more reach on Facebook. Informative content might get more reach on Facebook. If your followers like the videos that you post, this update will help them see your videos more often in their News Feed. Pages that often post such content will see a significant fall in their reach over time. Having this new information will allow Facebook to rank Facebook videos better.
  • 10 Things You Should Know About tbh, the App for Teens That Facebook Just Acquired

    Tbh is an anonymous compliment app geared towards tweens and teens. Well, shortly after its launch in August, the app skyrocketed in popularity, quickly becoming the number one free app in Apple’s App Store. Here’s everything you need to know about tbh. Tbh is an anonymous comment app. So when a user is chosen for a poll, they receive a notification but only the gender of the people who voted for them is revealed. With tbh’s appeal to teens, Facebook might be able to re-attract this younger generation. It’s only available in nine states right now. Having only debuted in August, the app quickly became one of the most popular app among teens in Apple’s App Store this September. Tbh will stay tbh.
  • How to Use Snapchat Memories to Grow and Engage Your Audience

    What are Snapchat Memories? Snapchat Memories allows brands to reach Snapchat’s audience using content created outside of Snapchat, or, conversely, to save content created within Snapchat for reuse in the future either on Snapchat or on other social channels. From the camera screen, tap the Stories icon on the bottom right. Tap the Snap you want to save. To save the Story to Memories, tap the circle icon at the bottom of your screen.
  • Our Very Worst Social Media Fails: The Expert Roundup

    I got no traction; no engagement and no new likes on the Facebook page. I didn’t have a budget to create video content or run ad campaigns or even run a contest. The Facebook page was a fail and so was working with this client. I decided that I would run a social media contest to increase likes, shares, and overall engagement. Back then, I wasn’t really aware of the need to use page apps to run contests. The idea was to show fans around the world and the prize was a top of the range Canon camera. But then, I noticed that some of the photos were getting an insane amount of likes. There was a lot of feedback about the quality of commentary and I sent the following tweet with a comment about one of the commentators in particular. As a part of an in-house project back then, we forgot to set the end-date of our Facebook ad campaign. Perhaps our biggest social media fail happened during a Facebook Live broadcast.

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