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  • Twitter: No Political Bias in Crackdown of Suspicious Accounts

    This story originally appeared on PCMag Twitter's attempts to fight abuse faced some backlash on Wednesday when conservative pundits complained their Twitter followers had been "purged" in a company crackdown of rule-breaking accounts. Twitter's general counsel Vijaya Gadde confirmed the crackdown, but said it had nothing to do with politics. "Yesterday we took action against a number of accounts that we believe have violated our policies by creating new accounts after being suspended," she said in a tweet. "This is a part of the work we're doing every day to improve Twitter." — Vijaya Gadde (@vijaya) February 21, 2018 The company hasn't said how many accounts were taken down, but several conservative pundits including Fox News commentator Dan Bongino reported losing thousands of followers the night before. I see twitter did some pruning overnight erasing followers. "While it may be hard to see follower counts go down, these actions are making Twitter a better place for everyone," she added. #botsandprayers #TwitterLockOut — Tim Rote (@timrote) February 21, 2018 On the same day, Twitter took another step to prevent bad actors from spreading propaganda by clamping down on developers who abuse the platform's API. Developers are banned from spamming out the actions, Twitter said. Developers who fail to comply by March 23 can face the suspension of their accounts and applications.
  • Why These People and Brands Are Fed Up With Facebook

    People are mad at Facebook, but more so because of what it’s failed to do than what it’s done. The social media company has become the whipping boy for some of today’s greatest societal ills, given its immense global reach of 2.1 billion users and the role it plays as a communication tool and information hub. Until recently, the company has highlighted its positive influence in connecting the world, meanwhile downplaying the fact that activity on Facebook has torn people apart. Last year at this time, Uber was the Silicon Valley unicorn up for a lashing. Former engineer Susan Fowler Rigetti published a blog post detailing the culture of sexual discrimination and harassment that trickled down from the office of founder and then-CEO Travis Kalanick. The company got slammed -- and lost more than 200,000 users -- when surge pricing kicked in during a taxi driver strike against President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Related: Mark Zuckerberg's 2018 Resolution Reveals an Essential Truth About Entrepreneurship Now, it’s Facebook turn. People are angry that Facebook hasn’t played a more active role in curbing foreign propaganda (namely Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. general election) and fake news. The U.S. government questioned Facebook about such interference in hearings last November. Publishers and media professionals have highlighted how the platform prioritizes polarizing, sensational and sometimes mindless content over quality journalism.
  • Top Marketing News: Facebook Tests ‘Downvotes,’ Internet Rages at Google, Pandora Takes Aim

    Six Essential Email Marketing Tips [Infographic] Looking for email marketing success? Google announced a new story format for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) this week. Google describes the new shiny thing as “a visual driven format for evolving news consumption on mobile.” Econsultancy Internet Rages After Google Removes ‘View Image’ Button, Bowing to Getty Google removed the “view image” button this week in response to a recent lawsuit from Getty. Econsultancy Top Digital Advertising Trends MediaPost compiled a research brief to show top digital advertising trends, including evidence that Google and Facebook owned 63% US digital market in 2017. Microsoft made strides, but remains a distant third place with just 4%. MediaPost Google Announces Two Major Changes to Image Search Google has announced two major changes to image search — including the previously reported removal of the “view image” button and the removal of the “search by image” button. Publishers are happy about these changes, Google search users aren’t so thrilled. Search Engine Journal Pandora Takes Aim At Spotify And IHeartRadio With Programmatic Audio Ads AdAge reports: “Pandora said Tuesday that it will now offer its audio inventory programmatically through popular demand-side platforms such as MediaMath, The Trade Desk and AdsWizz.” AdAge Snapchat Gives Creators Access to Audience Analytics Some select content creators on Snapchat are being given access to analytics and data about their audience, such as story views, engagement and demographics. This is only available to those who are part of Snapchat’s Official Stories program. MarketingProfs Facebook Is Testing A ‘Downvote’ Button CNBC Reports: “Facebook is testing a ‘downvote’ button that lets users flag and hide comments they deem inappropriate.
  • Snapchat Makes a Play for Influencers: What Brands Need to Know

    Brands partner with individuals, or influencers, who boast large and engaged audiences for their social media content. Influencers, after all, aren’t just a marketing tool–they’re part of any robust social media ecosystem. In 2017, Snapchat started offering verified accounts to influencers and creators. Verified and/or high-viewership Snapchat influencers, however, now have access to in-app analytics. Users can see how many views their Stories have reached over weeks, months, and years, the average amount of time each viewer spends on a Story, day-by-day trend comparisons, and age, gender, and other demographic statistics. What does this all mean for brands? Snapchat’s new analytics tools mean influencers can share follower demographics with potential partner brands. Your company might have been hesitant to sink marketing money into Snapchat-based influencing because you had no way of knowing how many people saw those posts or who the people who saw them actually are. Influencers and brands alike don’t get much use out of a platform that lacks a large user base. But Snapchat’s Q4 profits turned out better than expected, boasting both high earnings and healthy user growth rate.
  • Why Nobody Cares What You Say On Social Media Anymore

    Well, some people do and some people don’t. I’ve seen the same post shared over, and over, and over again. The quote of the day ends up getting commented on, shared, liked, so many different times. You can share other people’s posts. You can find great, positive quotes and put those out there. He’s a writer friend who actually works with me, helping me write content for websites, and he does a great job. People may be paying attention, but they may not necessarily agree and may not engage with you when you’re posting things. Don’t post divisive things. Have original thoughts, write your own stuff and post it to social media in a way that’s going to get people to engage with you. Comment below and share your thoughts, ideas or questions about showing the concepts presented.
  • How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 6 Steps

    Now, let's look at how to create a Facebook business page in detail. Creating a Facebook Business Page Creating your business page on Facebook is free and easy to do. Here are the six steps to creating a business Facebook page. You will be able to create a new Facebook business page directly from your profile. Create a page for a local business. Step 2: Enter your business information To complete setup of your page, you will need to provide basic information about your business, including: Name: Your business name Page category: You will be able to choose from a number of categories, so choose one that best represents your business Address: On three separate text boxes, provide the street address, city/state and zip code of your physical location. The three things to keep in mind when choosing your Facebook pictures are: Choose a visually appealing picture Make sure it is representative of you business Make sure it's a high resolution shot at least 170 x 170 px for profile photos and 828 x 315 px for cover photos. Pick an easy username to help people find your page Your website link: Add your website URL so people can visit your site directly from Facebook Create a group: Create a space where your customers can connect with each other and discuss your products or services. This feature will let your customers perform a specific action quickly and directly from your page, including: Book services: Let customers avail a service or start an order Get in touch: Let customers contact you on the page via phone, a custom form, direct message, etc. Market your business online for free If done right, you can also see results from your Facebook page without having to pay a dime.
  • Twitter’s Business May Finally Be Trending in the Right Direction

    What you can learn from the struggling social site's turnaround. Image credit: rvlsoft | Shutterstock What happens when you’re making money but don’t have any new customers? The social media platform recently reported its first profitable quarter in the company’s 12-year history. It made $91 million in the fourth quarter of 2017, but its user base stayed flat. At the end of December, Twitter began enforcing new rules that would ban accounts associated with hate groups. We’ve updated our rules around abuse and hateful conduct as well as violence and physical harm. Read our updated rules here: — Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) And as recently as this week, Twitter shared that it now had tools in place to report content and accounts that encourage self-harm. Starting today, you can report a profile, Tweet, or Direct Message for this type of content. — Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) February 13, 2018 Increased character count Twitter's decision to allow users to publish 280-character tweets seems to be working, though perhaps not in the way that the powers that be at Twitter initially thought. And we’re also seeing people get more followers and return more often.” He went on to say that he thought the change would make the platform more welcoming for new users.
  • How To Give Your Business a Complete LinkedIn Makeover in 6 Easy Steps

    Here are six steps you can take today to optimize your LinkedIn Company Page and improve your presence, authority, and recruitment prospects. Tell your story in pictures Update your profile image Your profile image is first thing people searching for your company on LinkedIn will see, so make a good impression. Remember, LinkedIn is a professional space, and like every social media platform, it has its own set of unwritten rules. Create Showcase Pages If the Company Page is a birds-eye view of your business and its core values, then Showcase Pages zoom in on your day-to-day activities. Try to include a URL in every post: LinkedIn reports that posts with links get 45 percent more engagement. By sharing content produced in-house, you’re showing your current employees that their perspectives are valued, and telling future talent that there’s plenty of room for recognition—and the opportunities that come with it. Collect and give endorsements More than a billion peer-to-peer endorsements have been given on LinkedIn, the platform’s most powerful (and sometimes controversial) form of social proof. Ask employees If your employees haven’t connected with your Company Profile, encourage them to do so, and be sure to write them a great recommendation from your personal profile in return. Similarly, if a customer posts about a positive experience they had with your company on another social media platform, you could message them privately and ask if they’d endorse your LinkedIn Company Page, too. Once your Company Page is set up, optimized and delivering a steady stream of content that follows these simple guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to networking greatness.
  • Experts Dish Instagram Ad Tips to Save You Major Embarrassment

    Kaitlin has seen Instagram evolve as a platform for advertisers and –admittedly– has a love-hate relationship with advertising on Instagram. When the aesthetics are done right, an Instagram advert can blend into your feed and doesn’t have to feel “intrusive”. On the other hand, I feel that the platform is going down the same path as Facebook, where all brands now have to essentially pay for any of their content to be seen by their followers, and soon Instagram will become a heavy stream of adverts too.” Lauren is exceptional at strategizing and creating Instagram content. As more and more businesses are ramping up their Instagram activity and ad spend, it’s imperative that they create meaningful and lighter content that their audience wants to see.” [SPECIAL OFFER] You’ve checked us out online. The whole reason people love Instagram is the fact that it’s visual first, text second.” The Sins of an Instagram Advertiser The experts agree– the goal of a great ad campaign is to make your content feel natural and organic. Content that works on Facebook doesn’t typically work on Instagram so I hate when I see a heavily branded visual on Instagram that’s clearly been posted across a brand’s every social account. It’s so important that a brand thinks about what content works for each platform and tailors their content to each.” Did you know Califia is pronounced like California? Create ads that inspire your audience instead of just selling to it. Make intrusive content. Use stock images or packshot style product images.
  • Everything Social Marketers Need to Know About Generation Z

    Here’s what marketers should know if they want to be “in” with the cool kids. Bonus: Download a free guide that reveals how to increase social media engagement with better audience research, sharper customer targeting, and Hootsuite’s easy-to-use social media software. They use different networks for each stage of their shopping journey Market research shows that 85 percent of Generation Z learns about new products on social media and are also 59 percent more likely than older generations to connect with brands on social, too. Instagram is the most popular app for brand discovery, with 45 percent of teens using it to find cool new products, followed by Facebook, which comes in at 40 percent. Before making a purchase, Gen Zers are two times more likely than Millennials to turn to YouTube. YouTube is also the platform of preference when it comes to shopping recommendations, ranking first among Generation Z with 24 percent, followed by Instagram at 17 percent and Facebook at 16 percent. For example, even though 39 percent of teens think YouTube has too many ads, the video platform remains the most popular with this generation by far. There’s even more room for brands to advertise on Instagram and Snapchat, where only 11 percent of teens think there are too many ads. Likewise, teens expect a celebrity to be upfront with branded content and have a low tolerance for product placement. For the most part, Generation Z welcomes diversity with open arms and expects marketers to do the same.

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