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  • A Primer on 3 Types of Email Autoresponder Campaigns

    Following are the three types of autoresponder campaigns you might want to consider setting up: Sequence emails Don’t presume that just because readers bought your ebook that this is all they want to know about. At this point, split the readers into two groups: those who bought the book (Group A), and those who didn’t (Group B). Meanwhile, Group B receives the occasional automated email like Group A got, but they also get other emails with different content about other services you provide, including links to content with more information such as a video. Those in Group B who click on the book link show they’re still interested in the book and, potentially, your personalized service but just may not be ready yet. Webinar autoresponder email series Webinars are very popular for marketers who like to show their followers how they can carry out something in their business that will help them make more money. In the earlier lead-nurturing email example, a webinar can be offered at some point for Group A because they showed the most interest in the product. You can then send an email inviting readers to attend a webinar where they can see the service in action and how it can help them decide on hiring you. Once the webinar is over, get the list of attendees — including those who didn’t attend — and create separate channels for each group. If your short-term subset group members clicked on the replay link but didn’t click on the provided link to get your service, send an automated email several hours later, asking if they’d like to have a consultation to know more. From there, if no actions were taken, you can move nonresponding people into another email channel to receive regular emails of interest in products and services you have to offer, including emails that just offer valuable content without any sales approach.
  • Get Ready for AI-Enabled Advertisements — From Your Fridge

    In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Neil Patel sits down with's Adam LoDolce to address some of the questions of his social media followers. For Patel, in the future, smart appliances will most likely be able to anticipate if you're low on a particular item, what products you may also been interested in, and the price difference between brands. All these capabilities equate to reading your mind. As technology gets more sophisticated, the ease of ordering items from your couch may become second nature. Click the video to hear more of Patel's thoughts on AI and digital advertising. Related: I've Raised Over $20 Million for My Businesses. Here's How to Get the Attention of Venture Capitalists. Entrepreneur Network is a premium video network providing entertainment, education and inspiration from successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders. We provide expertise and opportunities to accelerate brand growth and effectively monetize video and audio content distributed across all digital platforms for the business genre. EN is partnered with hundreds of top YouTube channels in the business vertical.
  • Earn More Email Subscribers and Customers with Powerful Lead Magnets

    Successful lead magnets succinctly solve a specific problem The best lead magnets provide useful, meaningful, or educational content quickly and clearly in a manner that is easy to digest so people can consume the content without feeling overwhelmed. Your lead magnets won’t be successful if people don’t use them. Successful lead magnets are relevant Lead magnets must be relevant to your business, products, or services as well as to your target audience, or they won’t attract qualified prospects. You’ll get a lot of opt-ins for it, but how many of those leads will be interested in your accounting services? Once the accounting practice has qualified leads on its email list, it can use email nurturing and conversion funnels to push those leads further through the overall marketing funnel until they purchase. Successful lead magnets are action-oriented Your lead magnets should be easy to follow and give prospects everything they need to complete a specific action or take the next step to reach a desired goal. If your lead magnet is a checklist, don’t just provide ten things people should do. Since lead magnets are usually offered for free, prospects create a value for each lead magnet in their minds. You never want prospects to be disappointed after they receive your lead magnet because they’ll project that negative experience onto other experiences with you. Rather than directly promoting your business, brand, products, or services in your lead magnets, demonstrate your thought leadership.
  • Brands Are Still Being Fooled By Influencers With Fake Followers

    If you’re a major brand, it’s understandably tempting to hire an influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers to promote your product. But if a majority of those followers are bots, then that investment is nothing but a waste of money. But now that Instagram is cracking down, it may come as a surprise to find that plenty of brands are still paying for social media influencers with inflated followings. According to a study conducted by Points North Group, Ritz-Carlton and Aquaphor had the highest percentage of fake followers for their sponsored posts. The unfortunate reality is that brands need to be extra diligent when vetting influencers. Per BuzzFeed, there’s now a paid service called Fuelgram that automatically likes and comments on other posts from legitimate accounts. It’s essentially a performance-enhancing steroid, resulting in a lot of duplicate, emoji-ridden engagement: “I really love this photo!” and “I like the colors used in this photo! .” While Fuelgram comments sound like something that brands would want to steer clear of, brands like Kroger and Aquaphor (Aquaphor again!) Assuming that influencers understand the ethical concerns of fake followers and the consequences should Instagram find out, why are they still using them? As Silicon Valley marketing exec Guy Kawasaki said, “There are two kinds of people on social networks: Those who want more followers, and those who are lying.” Influencers are only as strong as the amount of people who trust them.
  • 4 Vital Elements of an Appealing Offer

    It’s the kid’s job to eat it or not to eat it. When you get your job and their job confused, you create a lot of problems. How to make an appealing offer to your customers When you’re asking for a sale from a potential customer, you’re working with the same equation. But you’ll get the most recurring business (and satisfaction) out of selling good stuff, not junk food. Make it taste good On the other hand, you try feeding my kid broccoli. To me, broccoli is delicious. You’ll make selling much, much easier. That means you’ve got to set a time when dinner gets pulled off the table. If not, the two most likely culprits are that the timing was off (popsicles in January) or that the offer just didn’t look tasty (broccoli ice cream). With practice and observation, you’ll be cooking up consistently delicious offers in no time.
  • Why Marketers Should Unplug More Often: A #CMWorld Twitter Chat with Joe Pulizzi

    But Joe did it. So I was giddy when Joe agreed to log back on to join the #CMWorld Twitter chat this week. In our technology-driven industry, is it possible to limit screen time during work? #cmworld — Vishal Khanna (@bediscontent) May 22, 2018 A1: At work I sometimes feel pressure to always have something I’m working on up on my monitors vs just reading a book or doing something else for content inspiration. Biggest ‘pro’ is you get work done. A6: It’s challenging for me to come up with ideas while under pressure. #CMWorld — Joe Pulizzi (@JoePulizzi) May 22, 2018 A6 I believe it will help. #CMWorld A6: The balance should be here, I think (like a Yoda))) For me, 1 hour a day is enough to read all the blogs and media updates I need to boost the little content-brainstorm in my mind. Joe has proven disconnecting can have great benefits. Meet Joe and take a selfie with him at Content Marketing World.
  • Building Better Influencer Relationships: 7 Cues Marketers Can Take from Sales

    And you can’t make friends if you don’t know who you’re contacting. When it comes to researching influencers you’d like to work with, that research and understanding is not only important to learn if they’re a good fit for your brand, but also the kind of topics they’re talking about, the people they follow and engage with, and even their personality. That’s why most sales teams use a customer relationship management (CRM) tool to keep track of who their prospects and customers are, track their interactions and measure the likelihood the prospect will close. As touched on above, through social media, you can understand what they like to share, start to build a connection, and then interact with them before you make an ask. When it comes to your interactions with influencers, aim to delight people and show them you genuinely care by: Thoughtfully commenting on recent social posts Asking them about recent trips they’ve taken or events they’ve attended Showing interest in their key subject areas And, don’t forget. Just as forward-thinking salespeople work to create a personalized experience for their customers and buyers, marketers should do the same when reaching out to influencers. #6 – Ask for the Close Salespeople are taught to find the best time to ask for “the close.” It may be a presumptive close, but the overall idea is to lead prospects to the outcome that includes “money being exchanged.” Here’s where you want to stop me and say: “I’m a marketer. I’m not selling anything.” Marketers, you’re selling your brand, the relationship, and the idea that working together will be mutually beneficial. Sometimes, influencers say “no,” too. If you want help with an influencer marketing campaign, contact TopRank Marketing.
  • Beyond the Blog Post: 6 Content Formats Your Audience Wants

    According to a 2017 study from Arkadium, which helps brands create interactive content, 78 percent of respondents prefer text to incorporate multimedia components. So while you may start with blog posts to build a foundation for potential customers to find, that doesn’t mean every member of your audience wants to read a 600-word article. They’re more expensive to produce than strictly written content, and they typically take more time. Shortform social video Some marketers call short social videos “snackable content” if they’re sociopaths. Longform video Just about any longform video will require significantly more planning and a higher production value than a shortform creation. Last year, a number of web series began streaming on Facebook Watch only to crash and burn. These videos racked up 4,000 emotional reactions in the time it took others to nab less than fifty. It’s not all about Facebook Watch, though. Your company’s messaging should be consistent and creative across all those forms. If your company produces a podcast, whether narrative or episodic, with a target audience in mind, you can assume that your loyal listeners will vocally support your content.
  • Follow These Tips to Survive Facebook’s Ad Changes

    Still confused about the changes Facebook has made to its advertising system? You are not alone, but as Entrepreneur Network partner Ben Angel explains, there are some ways you can make the adjustment easier for your business. Angel warns that these big changes come in waves, and to survive them, it's important to be flexible and able to ride these waves -- not get bulldozed by them. Overall, it can be extremely helpful to your ad strategy to be willing to adapt to each platform. This way, you won't get lost in the unpredictable ebbs and flows, and still come out standing. Click the video to hear all of Angel's tips on Facebook advertising. Entrepreneur Network is a premium video network providing entertainment, education and inspiration from successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders. We provide expertise and opportunities to accelerate brand growth and effectively monetize video and audio content distributed across all digital platforms for the business genre. Watch video from our network partners on demand on Roku, Apple TV and the Entrepreneur App available on iOS and Android devices. Click here to become a part of this growing video network.
  • 11 Content Marketing Obstacles You May Face This Year (And How to Overcome Them)

    Finding time for content creation Being a content marketer, you have a LOT to do. Obviously, content creation takes a lot of work and the only one thing you crave for is… time! How to overcome this obstacle: be good at creating all types of content. How to overcome this obstacle: find inspirational ways to come up with content ideas. know what types of content people love to share analyze what content works best for your readers try to hook readers 5. How to overcome this obstacle: learn how to optimize the video creation process. Reaching your target audience If you’re great at creating awesome content, that’s a good start. You need to deliver it to your audience, and the more people that see it, the better. How to overcome this obstacle: promote where your audience is. As a big number of obstacles are waiting for them, it’s essential to know how to overcome them to stay competitive.

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