Top 10 Things I Learned at #SMWNYC

by Alexis Medina
Mar 06, 2015 1:19pm

1. Social media begins with listening. 
2. If you’re only looking at your own analytic performance, you won’t understand what “great” is. 
3. Target audiences are not real. Steer away from target audiences to target networks.
                                                             Marcus Collins, CEO of Elite Daily and Mitch Brooks.

4. "A person at Goldman Sachs could also be the same person going to a rave at night." ~ Marcus Collins
5. It’s time to redefine the Millennial age group because 18 - 34 is a very broad range. 
6. Social media tactics include a proactive, reactive and balanced social media strategy.

7. The CEO of Pinterest got his start as a bug collector who created an online pinboard, which eventually became worth $1.5 billion dollars.
8. Podcasts are back and booming. It's time to reinvent storytelling. 

9. Artificial robots on wheels might be the future of tech. 
10. Laptop and phone chargers are everything especially at conferences like #SMWNYC.

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