Join Us for #H2HChat: Learn How to Use Link Listening to Building Micro Communities with Content

by Peter Bordes
Feb 27, 2015 10:35am

Join us and learn about the latest emerging trend and strategy created right here in camp oneQube called "Link Listening". My fellow oneQube Founder Robert Moore and social strategist as he co-hosts a special #H2H hangout tomorrow with Bryan Kramer at 3pm ET. Robert, Bryan and and a bunch of special guests will be exploring the strategy of Link Listening and how it facilitates the building of Micro-Communities and relationship activation through content marketing. Marring content marketing and social to extract 100% of the value from your content.  

Robert will be sharing powerful Spider strategies that you can use immediately to unlock the potential of the audience that amplifies your content on Twitter - you won't want to miss it!
Hope to see you there as we reveal what we see as one of the most important new strategies in social media marketing.


" Everyone knows I love to listen. For me, it is an essential skill that must be utilized both online and off if you want to build authentic relationships with your customers, advocates, and prospects.  In the “real” world, I listen with both my ears and my eyes, as visual clues can almost be as important audio ones.  Online, I use a variety of tools to listen and measure to what is happening around client and PureMatter initiatives.  One of my favorite social listening tools is, created by the good folks at oneQube in NYC.


Link Listening

One of Robert’s favorite listening strategies is to “Link Listen”, which essentially a Twitter search query that returns Tweets that contain content from a specific website.  Link Listening allows marketers to hone in on specific buyer or engagement persona’s, and glean inferences about them based on the type of content they read and share socially.

Building Micro-Communities

Over the last several weeks, Robert and I have been using Spider to Link Listen to my series on how to use social media platforms to market your business.  By listening to each postindividually, Robert was able to measure both the commonality andthe distinct differences between the people that shared these posts.  Robert calls the people that get attracted to certain content “Micro-Communities”, and believes that the Micro-Communities that share specific posts offer brands and marketers an unprecedented opportunity to learn how content connects with people.  More importantly, perhaps, is the ability this approach gives you to activate relationships with your front line amplifiers, and perhaps connect them with each other.

Live Demonstration

I’ve invited Robert to share his insights with me (and you!) on a special hangout that we are co-hosting onFebruary 27th, at 12pm PST. Join us and a bunch of special guests as we explore the strategy of Link Listening and how it facilitates the building of Micro-Communities and relationship activation through content marketing.  We are looking forward to seeing you there, and creating some great new relationships together! "@BryanKramer

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