5 #FinallyFriday Must-reads From Around The Web (2/6/15)

by Alexis Medina
Feb 06, 2015 12:30pm

The Twitter Kick-off: How We Observed Super bowl XLIX with SpiderQube

Did you watch #SuperBowlXLIX on Sunday night? See what we captured including everything from Kim Kardashian to your favorite buzzworthy commercials with SpiderQube.

Read more on SpiderQube.

Twitter Reaches Deal to Show Tweets in Google Search Results

It’s official: Twitter CEO Dick Costolo confirms, Twitter and Google are teaming up to make tweets searchable online. But what does that really mean for social search?

Read more on Bloomberg Business.

Social listening: Why in the World are We Still Talking About This?

Michael Brito breaks down the noise and tells us we’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to social listening. Learn why it’s still important to social media innovation.

Read more on Michael Brito’s blog.


Hands-On with Snapchat Discover: Content for Short Attention Spans

Snapchat launched Discover with snippets of photos, videos and text that is set to be the new destination for millennial entertainment.

Read more on TechCrunch.


Pinterest’s Problem: Getting Men to Commit

The visual site adds more ‘geek content’ to attract male visitors to the site but 71% of visitors are still women.

Read more on Wall Street Journal.


Quote of the Day


Sarah Parker, participant in MMChat, which happens every Monday at 8pm ET, explains the importance of listening to a social audience.

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