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Dear oneQube™ Beta Users,

Well, we did it! We did what all platform beta tests aim to do - either come through the beta process with flying colors, or break the platform to identify the flaws in infrastructure, processes or architecture. We did the the latter.

For the last couple of weeks, it was becoming apparent that we were running into major database scalability issues with our cloud server provider. Bottom line: they couldn’t handle the millions of database operations necessary to support a sophisticated platform like oneQube™. While we battled to overcome these issues while in a “live” environment, the platform became increasingly unstable, resulting in a less than satisfactory user experience for those of you that were actively using the platform.

So today we made a difficult but necessary decision: we are closing down access to the beta platform so that we can build our own proprietary server architecture that can support oneQube™’s very specific needs. While we hate to disappoint our early adopters and advocates, it is the right move. We will have to accept a little short-term pain for long-term gain.

Effective noon today (6/26), access to the platform will be disconnected until further notice. If you had DM campaigns scheduled at the time of the shut off, those campaigns will not go out, and will have to sent via other means - very sorry for that.

We are unbelievably appreciative for you trying out oneQube™ during this beta period. We got amazing feedback and suggestions from you, and many of those suggestions will be incorporated into the next and future iterations of the platform. We are looking forward to getting back online as soon as possible, and will let you know the second we are live.

Thanks and Very Best Regards,

Internet Media Labs Team