oneQube has built a suite of proprietary products that deliver audience-driven actionable insights for brands, agencies, and enterprises. With a focus on understanding potential audiences and driving quality organic growth and engagement with relevance, oneQube provides tools that:

Peter Bordes


Digital technology and innovation junkie who loves adventure fishing.


Robert Moore

Chief Strategist

An expert database marketer who knows where to find your audience.


Shana Williams

Director of Managed Services

Nobody knows audience building like Shana. Seriously. Call us and you’ll see why.


Build passionate audiences for your brand and content


oneQube’s vision is to be for audience what HubSpot is for inbound marketing; another metaphor would be a MailChimp for social media. With $2.8-million of raised capital and three (3) years of product testing and planning, oneQube is interested in additional capital to maintain critical mass; which is driven being driven by potential enterprise clients like Amazon.

  • Led by CEO Peter Bordes, who is an experienced entrepreneur that took MediaTrust from 0 to $70-M in 3 years
  •  Currently generating $50k / month à case Studies with Bonnier, ESPN Radio (Mike&Mike), Popular Science, Catepillar, Eleven James, NewsTalk, & Ocearch
  •  In legal with Zappos and negotiating with Amazon, Fortune Magazine (for advertising clients), Economist Group, Netscape
  •  Proved Markets = Publishing, Radio, Nonprofit à Targeted Markets = Finance & Retail