The ever-popular adage ‘First impressions are the Last impressions’ holds true even in the era of digital technologies and the internet!

Irrespective of your business niche, the landing page of any business – small or big, has to be attractive and compelling enough to entice patrons to take action or convert leads into sales. Ideally, such a landing page should be developed with useful elements that lead to conversion including a call to action, attention-grabbing headline and impressive visuals. In other words, landing pages serve as a valuable marketing channel for your brand, online. Unlike the company’s homepage, a landing page is designed to focus and draw attention to specific goals and services. These pages not only promote specific services, products, and events targeted at specific audiences but also generate leads for future conversion and build your brand. These pages are found via a general search or through your company’s website and increases the likelihood that a prospective customer ends up on the page.

Despite the fact that landing pages act as an effective lead conversion tool, not everyone uses them. This is owing to the misconception that they are hard to design as well as maintain. However, this is just a myth. Building an effective landing page is not as hard as you may think. It is less about flashiness and a lot more about helping the consumer get what they are after.

Listed below are a few simple tips to build landing pages that will boost your lead generation, while giving your company the impetus it deserves.

Simple Tips to design landing pages that help boost conversion rate

Not everyone succeeds in developing landing pages that lead to a high conversion rate. This is because of lack of proper planning before attempting to create a landing page. To ensure the landing page is successful in enhancing the conversion rate, deploying certain strategies in design is important. These are:

  • Set a goal

Before you design a landing page for your brand or company, you need to identify your goal. There is a clear purpose behind the creation of each landing page and it does not contain generalized information on the business. It can be a SignUp page for the brand or it can be used to endorse a specific range of products. Many brands use landing pages to promote an upcoming range of products more effectively.

  • Analyze the audience type and their needs, priorities

Before delving into the design aspect of the landing page it is important that you analyze the target audience carefully and understand their priorities and needs. If you want to promote a product or service, it has a target audience. So, using generic content and design will not cut the ice! You will have to take into account, factors such as demographics, age group of the target audience, lifestyle and even hobbies when designing the page. The bottom line is your landing page design should appeal to the target audience in the right manner and not repel them.

  • Use a compelling headline that matters

The first thing a visitor will see on the landing page is the headline and so it needs to be compelling. The title also makes the viewers share the page on social media sites. While there is no fixed formula to make the headline of a landing page work, you should focus on using relevant, catchy words. The title should focus on what the visitor gets on the page. Ideally, it should not be too long and you may stick to 10 words. Try using words in the title that work on the mindset of the target viewers.

  • Keep the text legible

Web users typically lack the patience to read large chunks of text, whether it is in a home page of a website or a landing page! So, the content you use on the landing page should be divided into short paragraphs and you may use bullets and subheadings to enhance legibility. Use of subheadings is encouraged as they are useful in driving attention to the things the visitors can get on your website.

  • Use compelling visuals

Apart from using a catchy and relevant headline, you should use stunning visuals on the landing page. Studies have shown people respond to compelling images and videos better than blocks of text, no matter how well written the text is. Studies also show human brain processes visuals much faster than text. The visuals are usually shared more on social media circles too. Using videos on the landing page also help enhance, the rate of conversion.

The images you use on the landing page should definitely be related to the services and products you want to promote. The images need to be high quality and shot aesthetically to create a good impression on target viewers. Ideally, the videos used on the landing page should be interesting, but not too long.

  • Use language that motivates the viewers and addresses pain points

The content of the landing page should be written in the proper way. Using a generic way of writing does not yield results. You should use short and simple sentences with to the point approach in the landing page. Avoid using long and complex sentences and beating around the bush.

The content should be straightforward and exude clarity. You may use words that clearly drive the USP of your brand and the many advantages that your consumers will reap from opting for your services or buying your company’s merchandise.

For example, when writing content for a landing page designed to promote protective garments for people living in regions battered by inclement climate conditions, you should focus details regarding durability, material and weather resistance of the products. This will drive home the point and the viewers will be motivated to buy your services or products.

  • Ensure Logical flow and coherence

The landing page content should have a logical flow from Start to End. The viewers should find it enticing and useful at the same time. The content must in no way be incoherent and confuse or leave your potential customer in doubt about your company or its products/services. Proper analysis of the content that will go up on the landing page is quintessential. You may hire the services of a professional web content writer to ensure that the content for your landing page is crisp, straightforward and relevant.  

  • Implement feedback and testimonials

The target viewers should be able to see that your services and products have already been useful in addressing the pain points. Be prompt in responding and addressing grievances, this will convert even a negative experience into a more positive and fulfilling one. Urge your consumers to leave feedback, testimonials, and feedback. Implement any suggestions that you find relevant and feasible. This helps in conveying an image of trust to the target audience. Moreover, positive testimonials that contain real numbers, images, data, etc. are bound to give your business a stamp of authenticity.

  • Use a rightly crafted CTA

A landing page without a compelling CTA is not complete! The CTA – short for ‘Call to Action’ – should be positioned at the right place and it should be eye-catching too. Use words that prompt the viewers to take an action. The CTA button or link should have contrasting color than the page background. In fact, in a long landing page, you can put more than one CTA.

There are some tried and tested ways to make your landing pages effective in impacting conversation rate. However, you need to analyze specific business needs and customer requirements while designing landing pages for the brand. Analyzing some rival brands may also be useful in this regard. So, what are you waiting for? Build an impressive landing page, and give your business a big boost!


Author Bio:

Koushik Marka is the founder and CEO of an explainer video production company titled Studiotale. With strong entrepreneurship and professional skills, his qualities do not end there. With expertise in Vector Illustration, 2D Animation, Motion Graphics, and Digital Marketing, he loves what he does. Apart from being a work enthusiast, his off-work preferences are playing video games and traveling.