Podcasting audiences are growing at an accelerated rate. Audience development in this rapidly growing channel is now a very important part of a brands audience stack and marketing strategy mix.

With more people knowing about podcasts right now than those who know the name of the vice-president, it’s safe to say that podcasting is on a meteoric rise as a content and audience marketing channel. The guys over at MusicOomph agree and have come up with the infographic below, which depicts the incredible growth of podcasting, along with some intriguing stats.

What’s more is that podcast listeners are thought to be the holy grail of online audiences for advertising, owing to their extremely high engagement (80% listen to an entire episode or most of it) and affluence (45% more likely to have a net household income of over $250,000).

Podcast consumers are also quite tech-savvy, as they’re found to be much more likely to own a smart speaker or subscribe to Netflix. New age advertisers are trying to capitalize on this fact while developing their high-tech solutions (be it in the form of apps or any physical device) with such a target audience in mind. Infographic and MusicOomph Insights