Video marketing is an interactive way to deliver your brand’s message and grab the attention of consumers. It can help in increasing engagement on social media.

Live video as a part of video marketing strategy is gaining popularity and is expected to be a trend in 2019 as well. People spend 3x more time watching a Facebook Live video as compared to pre-recorded videos.

Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter introduced the live streaming concept to make people share their life events with their friends and family. The below graph shows the state of live video streaming on different platforms:

Tech chart of the day

The concept of live videos is evolving, and a number of businesses are using it to create a strengthened bond and connection with their customers.

Live streaming helps brands connect with their audience on a human level. It also lets people participate in brand storytelling in ways that can enhance the consumer experience. You too can use live video streaming and deliver content to your users in innovative ways. Read on to learn how your business can benefit from live videos.

1. Engaging content

Live videos are preferable to written or static visual content.

80% of people would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog, and 82% prefer live video from a brand to social posts.”

Video content is more visually appealing and easier to grasp. Viewers can remember video content better than other types of content.

Live streaming provides a sense of excitement to viewers compared to other content, allowing businesses to grow their web presence and story.

2. Reach

Live streaming video can reach millions of users around the world, leading to better awareness. It enables you to broadcast your event and live content to a wider audience as there’s no geographical or physical restriction. You can get in touch with more people to increase your brand awareness and educate them about your products and services.

3. Customer relationships

Live videos ensure an enhanced relationship with your customers as they can interact with you in real-time, leading to trust and loyalty. Live streaming unlike pre-recorded videos, provides you an opportunity to connect with your audience in a personal way, making it possible for them to interact with you seamlessly.

4. Transparency

With live videos, you can easily give a sneak peek into your company’s culture to customers. You can share behind-the-scenes moments with them and encourage them to interact with you during the live stream. This not only enables you to enhance your bond with them but also helps in maintaining transparency.

5. Conversions

Video streaming can enable you to give live demonstrations of your product. Instead of giving details about how your products and services work, you can directly show that live to your potential customers. This increases the chances of converting your prospects into paying customers, giving you an advantage over your competitors. Over 70% of marketers claim that video performs better than other content for increasing conversions.

How to use live videos on social media effectively

1. Go behind-the-scenes

Live video is a powerful way to take people on the journey of your business and make them want to be a part of your growth story. By giving a real-time view of your office and showing what goes on behind the scenes, you can make your customers feel that they are a part of your creative process. This can also help you draw in more customers and build trust. You can even share behind-the-scenes videos showing how you create your products, encouraging viewers to give their comments as a part of the live stream.

Dunkin’ Donuts, for example, in its live video during Valentine’s Day explored its “test kitchen” for viewers showing how it makes new products and creations. The video featured its culinary team preparing a cake made from heart-shaped donuts. The company was successful in garnering great engagement and thousands of views, comments, and likes within just a few minutes.

2. Take in-person events online

You can live stream your events, making your followers feel more connected to your brand. If you are planning an event, you can create a post to let your followers know about it and share specific details of the event through a live video. Involve your viewers and ask them what part of the event they want…