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Image via Paulette Wooten under CC0

When’s the last time you just went to a store and bought a big-ticket item without doing any online research?

If you’re anything like the 93 percent of Pinterest users who use the social media platform to plan purchases, you can’t really remember.

Pinterest is the number one shopping destination for millenials, which also makes it a go-to network for top social media influencers. As a leading driver of website traffic, an online shopping hub, and a powerful search engine, these influencers know that Pinterest is much more than a fun social network—it’s an unbeatable business tool.

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Today’s popular bohemian aesthetic owes a lot to designer and artist Justina Blakeney. As the creator of interiors blog and author of bestselling book The New Bohemians, Blakeney’s 1.5 million social media followers count her word as gospel when it comes to the more-is-more approach to design.

Part of her success has come with creating an approachable and immediately recognizable brand. The rest is just savvy analytics strategy.

“I allow myself the freedom to have fun with [social], try new things and experiment. This allows me to pivot easily when things on the platform change,” Blakeney explains to Forbes. “I do, however, tend to watch my stats pretty carefully. If a photo performs particularly well (or particularly poorly), I try and determine why that is. I notice patterns over time and use those patterns to help me grow.”

When it comes to your Pinterest strategy, you can’t ignore your analytics. With your Pinterest business account, use the native analytics tools available to see which Pins perform best, how much traffic your website gets through Pinterest, key metrics about your audience, and actionable insights to help refine your strategy.

Pay attention to your Pinterest analytics like Justina Blakeney by:

  • Knowing which metrics to track. Important Pinterest metrics include impressions (the number of times your Pin showed up in the Home Feed, search results, and category areas), clicks (the number of times someone clicks through to your website via a Pin), and saves (the number of times someone saved your content.) Learn more with our post Pinterest Analytics Tools and Tips for Measuring Success.
  • Using results to guide your strategy. Tracking metrics is useless if you aren’t actually doing anything with this data. As Blakeney mentions above, it’s important to use noticeable patterns in your followers’ activity to influence your content strategy. If your audience isn’t saving or clicking-through on your recipes but loves your DIY content, it might be time to slow down on the food-centric posts.

With 4.4-million monthly visitors to their Pinterest profile, it’s fair to say that Lloyd and Yaya of the travel blog Hand Luggage Only are doing something right.

With Pinterest now reaching two times more travelers than top online travel agency sites, creating a strategy for the network was a no-brainer.

“Travelers continue to build trips around key holidays, despite the surge in stopovers and long-weekend trips,” Pinterest’s Talia Parnass explains. “Our Possibilities Planner reveals that people on Pinterest start looking for…