It takes a certain amount of strength to be an audience-focused content creator.

It’s not for the faint of heart.

Because when you know your audience is the source of all good things for your business, you open yourself up to receive a lot of opinions.

But sometimes those opinions can also weaken the energy you invest in your business.

For example, you might receive opposing feedback.

Someone complains that you emailed about your special deal too frequently. Another person laments that you should have emailed more often so they didn’t miss your offer.

If you don’t have a solid content marketing strategy in place, it can feel very confusing.

You might become nervous every time you publish, and those nerves often trick you into diluting your content to try to please everyone.

Don’t do that.

You’ll never please everyone and you’ll miss opportunities to attract the right people.

It’s important to learn how to spot helpful suggestions and swiftly disregard the rest.

Here are five types of audience members you can safely ignore to stay focused on serving the people who appreciate your work.

1. The person who’s enraged by a typo

Yes, typo-free content is ideal.

However, as much as we value strong editing and correct punctuation here at Copyblogger, we understand typos happen.

And if they only happen occasionally, they don’t necessarily indicate sloppy content.

So if someone lets you know your content is not credible because they found a typo, that person is unreasonable. They’re likely more interested in feeling superior than connecting with your message.

Thank them. Fix…