How to Use Memes to Attract More Attention Online

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If you open Facebook or Instagram on your mobile device right now and scroll through your feed, you are almost certain to encounter a meme within seconds. Memes have become extremely popular on social media because they are so easily sharable — and this can lead to memes snowballing and going viral throughout the world wide web.

Marketers and brands have taken notice, and they are quickly becoming more common in advertisements and campaigns, simply because of the amount of engagement they generate. Memes can help you bridge the gap between your brand and your target consumer, and while memes aren’t the save-all answer for everyone, it’s definitely something worth exploring. Here are a few things to consider if you want to leverage memes in your marketing message.

Memes allow you to engage with your target audience without force feeding an advertisement down their throat.

Consumers are becoming savvier when it comes to advertisements online, and learning how to ignore them completely — especially the Millennial and Gen Z demographics. Marketing messages that offer nothing more than an offer will often receive very low engagement.

Memes, though, allow you to use humor and entertainment as a way to attract attention and be rewarded with engagement, which can then help amplify your message organically. Memes are made for social media — easy to consume and easy to share. You are able to experience high-engagement rates using memes because your audience doesn’t feel like they are liking, commenting and sharing an advertisement. They just see it as a meme.

Memes can help brands thrive that normally wouldn’t be…