Instagram is always evolving and changing. Recently, they created a new way to get more eyes on your posts or share a post from someone else.

You can now share Instagram feed posts to Stories! In this post, we’ll walk through the simple process and we’ll review why you should be sharing your feed posts to Stories.

How to Share Feed Posts to Stories

Sharing posts from your feed to Instagram Stories is simple.

  • Tap the paper airplane button below the image.
  • The “Share Direct” pop up will appear on your screen. At the very top will be the “Add post to your story” option. Tap it.
  • Your post will appear as a “sticker” in your Instagram Stories creation screen.

You can share any public account’s Instagram feed posts to your Stories.

Want to lightly edit your post without re-sharing? Tap on the in-feed post you’d like to share. You’ll see two display-related options– you can pinch the image to make it smaller or jiggle its position as you see fit (see the screenshot below).

feed posts to stories-- editing

All Instagram feed posts shared to Stories include the original poster’s username. Only feed posts from public accounts can be shared to Stories and if you don’t want your feed posts shared to someone else’s story, you can always change this option in your settings.

Why Share Instagram Feed Posts to Stories?

There are so many benefits to sharing select feed posts to stories, and they go beyond filling in content gaps for your Instagram Stories. This new feature opens many doors to gaining exposure for your brand, building relationships, and even getting more engagement on your Instagram posts.

1. Enjoy increased visibility

The first, and arguably most apparent benefit, to sharing Instagram feed posts to Stories is that you can bring extra attention to your posts. This is…