Ever had that sinking feeling?

You hit the publish button and …

Nothing. Tumbleweed.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There are countless ways to get eyes on your content. However, Facebook is one of the most powerful.

Best thing? Promoting your content on Facebook doesn’t have to break the bank. You can start from as little as $1 per day.

How? Let’s dive in.

1. Create relevant content

You need to create content that’s valuable to the people you’re targeting. Ask yourself, who is this content for? Why would they spend time consuming it? Would someone who doesn’t know our brand share this?

To accomplish this, your content should do one or both of these things:

It also needs to be done in a way that’s engaging. Facebook’s vice president of product management, says a feed’s intent is to inform and/or entertain. Facebook wants its users to have a great experience so they stay longer. What content can you create that entertains, informs, and solves a problem?

Video content creation should follow the above tips and a few more to succeed on Facebook. You should:

  • Make its run time less than 90 seconds (as short as needed to get across the main point)
  • Keep it simple
  • Include actionable advice
  • Include a call to action

Stay consistent with your content creation. If you can post something great at least weekly, over time you will build a picture of what content works best and what doesn’t, which leads nicely to the next point.

2. Analyze results

As you create content regularly, you can start to see what works and what doesn’t. Whether it’s video, written, or live content, you can see what brings a better reaction from the audience.

Facebook provides an incredible amount of data whenever you post content – reach, engagement (including reactions, comments, and shares), and engagement rate – and you can break it down by type of post. With video posts, you can access even more data, including the important average watch time.

TIP: Shoot for an average watch time of 10+ seconds. If yours gets between seven to 15 seconds, that’s great, and 15 seconds or longer is excellent.


Explore the analytics to see what posts are performing best based on your goals (e.g., reach, engagement rate, shares). What unique attributes does that top-performing post have? Is it short? Longer content? Video? Does it contain an image with a person? Is it about a particular subject?

Then focus your promotion on what’s working best and double down on creating more content like that.

3. Promote best-performing content

Use the data to inform your paid Facebook content promotion. You should advertise or boost your content to new audiences who aren’t fans or regular consumers of your Facebook content.

This is where the magic happens.

The first steps intentionally focus on organic performance. You want to use Facebook…