When I see a new research report, I tend to devour it immediately after it’s released. Seems I’m not alone, and content marketers are taking note.

Consider these two statistics:

  • 37% of surveyed B2B content marketers say their organization uses research reports for content marketing purposes. [CMI 2018]
  • Nine out of 10 marketers who published original research plan to do so again. Only 3% who did research said expectations were not met. [BuzzSumo/Mantis Research, 2018]

It’s clear. Original research works.

As CMI’s Vice President of Content, Michele Linn was intimately involved with the creation of our annual Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report. Now, as co-founder and head of strategy of Mantis Research, Michele advocates the use of original research that combines compelling story, data, and strategy. To explore this concept further, Michele joined us for a recent #CMWorld Twitter chat. What follows is a brief recap.

Why should content marketers consider publishing original research?

A2: First off, publishing original (and valuable) research adds up to authority, trust, and expertise…