In the small business world, your direct email list will always reign supreme when it comes to marketing. However, social media is still very important too.

Having a strong social media presence can result in more than just clicks, likes, and Facebook reactions. It can result in brand awareness, drive product sales, or even attract bigger brands.

The only problem is that becoming a social media sensation is a long and constant journey. Many entrepreneurs are outsourcing social media these days and hiring other experts to manage their whole process.

If you’re on the fence about whether you should hire a social media manager, here are 3 reasons to help push you over the edge.

Test Out Strategies More Efficiently

Have you ever tried to implement what you thought was a winning strategy only to have it fall flat? Whenever this happens to me, I always wonder if it was something I did wrong or if I gave up too soon. I never know the answer.

When it comes to social media, you must get into the habit of testing out different strategies. Working with an expert who has a proven track record can help you nail down the right strategy.

It will also provide you with accountability and direction so you can know when it’s time to move on or step it up a notch. Social media success for businesses is all about timing and positioning. Working with an expert…