Klout Shuts Down After GDPR And Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Why Klout is Calling It Quits After GDPR And Cambridge Analytica Scandal

If you’ve seen your influence barometer on Klout go down lately it’s because the social measurement platform will be shutting its doors effective on May 25, 2018 — the same day that the GDPR rules become official.

After Lithium Technologies made a whopping purchase from its founder, Joe Fernandez, for $200 million in 2014 the company has been on a steady decline ever since, shutting down its popular Perks program in 2015.

Before 2008 very few of us paid any attention to the new startup company called Klout, based in San Francisco, California. But through its unique algorithm and social measurement tools, the world had taken notice and became can be a huge factor in meeting prospects, getting a promotion, customer service, hotel and shopping rewards, and more.

If you have been active on the big social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube you have had a Klout score whether you are aware of this or not. Social influence has become the norm online — but this all began with one company putting a stamp on that title. Other platforms like Kred and PeerIndex created their own social measurement systems, but Klout had come in at the right time and established itself as the standard.

What exactly caused Klout to fail?

There is a myriad of factors that come into play, starting with the sale of the company, after which the flare of its founder…