Mother’s Day can generate substantial revenue for fashion and lifestyle merchants. In this post, I’ll offer 18 tactics and strategies to spur ecommerce sales during this important shopping holiday.

Products and Packaging

Add products. Merchants should add new products that appeal to moms, stepmoms, and godmothers. IF you cannot create an entire line, consider adding gift items to existing categories.

Create gift sets and baskets. Every holiday — especially Mother’s Day — is an excellent time to bundle your products, create gift baskets, and make additional site categories to increase your average order. Gift sets should appeal to varied demographic segments and price points.

Deploy upsells and cross-sells. A compelling upsell strategy for Mother’s Day is critical. Suggest gift sets and baskets to everyone who shops in your store during the Mother’s Day season. Also, add relevant cross-sell items in the checkout that also function as standalone gifts. For example, if you sell apparel or beauty, an exclusive candle can be either a cross-sell item or a present by itself.

Use special packaging. Mothers are women. They value beauty and attention. Customized gift tissue, wraps, plastic bags, and hand-written cards will cost you a couple of extra dollars, but they will perform miracles. Those items will also save your customers’ time in wrapping and presentation.

Also, include a free quality gift in every order. Making an order look like a present and including a free stylish gift dramatically decreases return rates.

Gift baskets, gift sets, and special packaging are among the many promotions that appeal to Mother's Day shoppers.
Gift baskets, gift sets, and special packaging are among the many promotions that appeal to Mother’s Day shoppers.


For any holiday promotion, merchants with limited budgets and personnel should concentrate on customer retention rather than a separate acquisition strategy. Large retailers should run Mother’s Day pay-per-click campaigns, shopping feeds, and Facebook ads.

Make a separate website category. Your site must have a specialized, keyword-optimized category for any major holiday. It will create a better customer experience and help with search engine optimization.

Place a keyword-based gift guide on the website. Having a gift guide is a common ecommerce practice. But in 2018 this tactic should provide an excellent value to shoppers.

Gift guides can come in different forms, such as a graphic,…