Why Your Facebook Videos Need to Be Different From What You Put on YouTube

A creative, high-quality video posted on Facebook or YouTube that plays to the viewer’s wants, motivations and needs can go far to bridge the gap between you and your target customers. No matter what your video’s purpose — to explain a complex product or service in simple terms, to make company-wide announcements or to help drive traffic to an ecommerce site — placement is key. In other words, where your message lives is just as important as the actual message itself.

Overlooking where the finished video will eventually be posted can be a big barrier to success and undermine all the hard work you’ve put into making it. Before you choose Facebook or YouTube, spend some time to understand the differences between two dominant social media outlets, and approach your video’s production with its home in mind. Deciding early will also help you better prepare your Facebook or YouTube ad strategy and ad buy, since the ad characteristics that will successfully drive viewers to your video are just as different as the two social media sites.

How audiences view Facebook and YouTube


When people visit YouTube, they are going on the website with the specific intent to watch videos (well duh, right?). What this really means is that your viewers are already primed for a video watching experience. They likely already have time to sit and watch. They are also probably looking at the…