Facebook Vs Twitter Advertising: Where Should You Invest?

You go and create this amazing strategy for marketing on Facebook and Twitter.

You begin implementing it.

Your following is growing. The engagement is flowing in.

You open up Google Analytics to find that the web traffic from each channel is rocking and rolling. Hey look, some conversions too!

Money in the bank.

All is well in life as a social media manager.


All of a sudden, you notice a drastic drop in impressions and engagement on Facebook.

The web traffic slows down.

You wonder what happened to all your social conversions.

You learn: Facebook made another one of its famous updates – another algorithm change that brought organic reach down to 1 to 2%. And with Twitter, well Twitter never showed every tweet to a page’s followers, so it’s no surprise to see your numbers gradually going down hill there.

Twitter impressions and engagement have never really been that high to begin with – if you got a few each week along with some clicks to your website, you were happy. With tweets only having a shelf life of about 60 minutes, what could you expect?

It’s quickly becoming a “pay to play” marketing world. You’re already spending time and money managing Facebook and Twitter and now you’re being told if you want your content to get seen, you need to spend even more money by adding social media advertising into your marketing mix.

When we first heard about this at Click Intelligence, we were disappointed. Our clients were already paying a retainer to have us manage their social media and now we would need to tell them they need to spend even more.

We were probably one of the slower digital marketing agencies to hop on the social media advertising bandwagon due to our skepticism and when we did, we treaded very carefully.

We’ve now been running Facebook and Twitter advertising campaigns for clients in various industries from the UK to the US and we’ve learned a few things along the way. Before you invest in advertising on either, consider the following.

Facebook Advertising – The Pros

1. Greater reach

Facebook Advertising allows users to reach millions of people. Here’s what came up when I ran a broad test to reach lawyers in the United States.

facebook broad tests for lawyers for Facebook Vs Twitter
2. Targeted reach

One of the features of Facebook Advertising that turned us into fans was the targeted reach it offers.

We were able to narrow in on our clients’ ideal audience. Since its launch, Facebook Advertising has only become more advanced.

Today, we can narrow down everything from salary, purchase behavior, life events, and so much more.

Let’s say you sell luxury watches online and you ship to the…