You Need Both of These Skill Sets to Keep Your Audience Coming Back for More

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When I’m not performing my typical duties as Rainmaker Digital’s Marketing Technologist, I’m cooking up a storm in my kitchen.

Amidst the rhythmic chopping of fresh produce, the clashing of pots and pans, and the roar of boiling water, I realized that my two roles have a lot in common.

They both require a balance of technique and artistry — a balance that is also an important factor when creating content, because when you strike it, you produce experiences that your audience craves.

First, master your technique

A chef needs to have a variety of knife skills and perfect every type of cut, from julienne to paysanne.

Have you ever seen a restaurant kitchen? There are so many different tools, and a chef’s success depends on his ability to correctly use each and every one of them — from the “big guns” like grills and ovens to often-overlooked accessories like peelers and skimmers.

Just like a chef, a content marketer has a variety of tools at his disposal that help him build an audience.

A fast, secure, mobile-friendly website is more than just a platform for publishing content. It’s a place you want your prospects to…

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