How to Sell High-Ticket Items in 2018 With This New Approach to Online Sales

If you plan to sell “high-ticket” items this year, you need to change your tune because what used to work won’t in the future.

Not long ago, you would find success so long as you had a solid marketing funnel. I, too, found success like this. I initially built two seven-figure businesses with simple marketing funnels that treated everyone the same.

  • The same emails to the same people in the same sequence.
  • A guide that would lead to a funnel that lead to a webinar that lead to an offer.

This worked. Whether you sold a $37 product or $997 one, this was the best way to win at online marketing. But, maybe you’ve noticed this isn’t the case anymore. Maybe you’re seeing higher costs and lower conversations.

It won’t get better; not if you keep doing what you have done, and especially if you sell high-ticket items like one-on-one coaching, training programs or consultancy.

So what’s the alternative?

Introducing the “Relevancy Funnel”

I kept noticing my costs rising and my ROI going down. My clients told me they had the same issue, and because I help entrepreneurs create relevant marketing that works, I needed to fix this problem.

This began in 2016 when I created the SSF Method, which places your audience into one of three awareness levels:

  • Sidewalk: unaware they have a pain or a problem
  • Slow Lane: aware they have a problem, but unsure what the process is
  • Fast Lane: aware of the process, but unsure of the solution

For a while, this was enough, but I soon realized I needed to go deeper — especially when thinking about how to sell high-ticket items, because for someone to spend $997-plus you need to build trust. And the only way to build trust in 2018 is to become omnipresent and relevant, so you transform into the go-to expert in your industry.

This is when the “Relevancy Funnel” was born, because it takes the foundations of the SSF Method and combines it with omnipresence and relevance so you become (and remain) top of mind.

This is how you create it.

1. Focus on your slow lane.

It’s not to say those in your sidewalk and fast lane aren’t important, because they are. But, assuming you have a limited budget, you need to focus on those you can…