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January 12, 2018
  • 7 Dreadful Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2018

    Not taking the leap from personalization to individualization. Everybody's talking about personalization, but marketers still struggle to create meaningful customer experiences. You’ve no doubt heard the 80/20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle: 80 percent of the effect comes from 20 percent of the causes. But are you using it in your marketing? Whether your focus is on content marketing, social-media marketing or email marketing, 80 percent of your effort should be spent providing value to your audience. Retention marketing should be the backbone of your marketing strategy. No wonder it's employed by 94 percent of small businesses, 93 percent of business-to-business (B2B) companies and 77 percent of business-to-consumer (B2C) organizations. They don’t just stick with the same old channels and strategies. Not spending time crafting your message. When it comes to marketing, it’s not just channel that matters: it’s also the message.
  • Five Things Pro Facebook Marketers Do Differently

    Mobile News Feed gives you the most bang for your buck on Facebook, and I highly recommend testing out mobile placements. (Many of the 70,000+ businesses using CallRail for call tracking have had great success with Facebook retargeting by simply uploading their call log to create a custom audience based on caller IDs.) Be sure to exclude a custom audience created from your current customers so you aren't using up precious ad spend on people who have already converted. For current customer upsells or feature activation, uploading your customer list and creating a custom audience is ideal. They carefully choose their Ads' call to action Your Facebook ad is only as good as its CTA and the user experience that follows. If you're running a mobile ad, be sure your landing page is tailored for a mobile experience. According to a study from Google, people who have a negative experience with brands on mobile are 62% less likely to purchase from that brand in the future. 'Call Now' Buttons Because so many Facebook users are already on mobile, phone-call CTAs are a great way to drive sales from your social marketing ad spend. They carefully choose how to differentiate their ads Now that we know who, where, and how the most successful social media marketers set up campaigns on Facebook Ads Manager, it's time to decide the best way to drive engagement with content from Facebook. That's why ad experiments with elements such as ad creative, offers, and target audience are used by the best of the best.
  • 11 Supernatural Ways ‘Stranger Things’ Has Turned Marketing Upside Down

    ways Stranger Things has made us marketers re-think how to engage audiences: 1. Say goodbye to the generational gap. On the flip side, when Stranger Things gave Eggo a major free plug during this year's Super Bowl, rather than just take the mention, Eggo was smart enough to jump into the conversation and, even more proactively, created a new conversation by launching clever tactics of its own, such as a spoiler-alert pop-up blocker and an interactive microsite. It's a great lesson in how brands can work across departments to carry forth a master narrative. With the launch of Stranger Things season two, Spotify gave consumers that chance by pairing their taste in music with their favorite Stranger Things character to deliver curated playlists. Stranger Things has also integrated gamification and gaming tactics to plus-up its cool factor and embed the unexpected into fan interactions. Out-of-home executions are a great way to garner media buzz. Stranger Things created a mysteriously placed billboard for Hawkins Power & Light around New York and Los Angeles, and made it interactive with a working 1-800 number. While you want to leave brand fans clamoring for more, don't lose sight of the fact that we live in a binge-watching world. But, as complicated as marketing is to navigate today, Stranger Things has proven that sometimes looking back (or upside down) can make a big difference when it comes to nailing a narrative that consumers care about.
  • How to Get More YouTube Subscribers [Infographic]

    Companies have been working with influencers on marketing efforts and achieving good results, but what can marketers learn from influencers about growing brand fanbases? An infographic by Filmora explores techniques that some top YouTube stars use to grow their subscriber base, and marketers should listen up. According to Google, 60% of "YouTube subscribers would follow advice on what to buy from their favorite creator over their favorite TV or movie personality." In short, those YouTube influencers are driving advertising decisions for Web-savvy brands that work with them, and they have a lot to teach any brand that wants to gain consumer trust. For example, the infographic suggests collaborating with YouTubers by creating videos together, and it recommends commenting on other posters' videos in a genuine—not sales-heavy—way. It also advises including keywords in your titles and having clear, strong calls to action to encourage your viewers to subscribe. And, of course, once you've got those subscribers, turn them into buyers. For more on how YouTube fame works and how to grow YouTube subscribers, check out the infographic:
  • Facebook to Reduce News Feed Noise and Business Pages Could See Big Hit

    In an effort to make the service better for people's well-being, Facebook is changing up its News Feed ranking algorithm to start showing users more posts from family, friends and groups they are part of, and less content from businesses, brands and media organizations. This change will likely cause people to spend less time on Facebook, but make the time they do spend there "more valuable," CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a blog post. As another consequence, Facebook Pages will likely see a decrease in "their reach, video watch time and referral traffic," according to Facebook's News Feed Head Adam Mosseri. Pages posting content "people generally don't react to or comment on" will likely see the most significant drop in engagement, he wrote, adding that "pages whose posts prompt conversations between friends will see less of an effect." News of these impending changes comes after Facebook in December acknowledged that passively reading your Facebook News Feed isn't always good for your mental health. tend to feel better about themselves than those who just scroll and scroll, the company found. He explained that there's more public content on Facebook today than posts from a person's friends and family, so News Feed currently shows more of the latter. But going forward, that's changing. We can feel more connected and less lonely, and that correlates with long term measures of happiness and health. If you follow a specific page you want to continue seeing its content in your News Feed (like PCMag, for example), be sure to select See First in News Feed preferences.
  • Research Finds the IRS Gives Better Customer Service Than Most Apps

    Seventyone percent of Android apps never responded to a simple customer question. Our survey found only 29 of top 100 Android apps were able to respond to even the most basic question. They were also the only company to use chat for support. One interesting statistic we found was that companies using in-app chat had a 65 percent higher response rate, compared to companies using email to answer the question. EA replied to the customer inquiry via email three days later claiming to have resolved the ticket ... without ever answering the question. Like with Android apps, 68 percent of apps never responded. The companies using Facebook Messenger for customer communication responded about two-thirds of the time, whereas companies relying on email responded 22 percent of the time. Use chat for better customer experience results. Across both Android and iOS, and across the three verticals we tested, we found that companies using chat for customer service were far more responsive, overall, than those relying on email. But, for now, I think it's safe to say that chat is more conducive to providing great support, and that's something we need a little more of in the world of apps.
  • Testing Pay-per-click Ad Copy Requires Human Intuition

    If your ad test, for example, were set up to test the hypothesis that a dollar discount is more effective than a percentage, your results would provide a powerful advantage. Automated Testing I’ve long used Excel pivot tables to aggregate data and determine winning ad variations or even phrases. AdWords itself has offered campaign settings that “optimize” ad rotation. Intuition Required Relying on Google to choose the best ad creates a potential conflict, as Google presumably wants to maximize its ad revenue. I mainly use Adalysis to confirm my intuition on ad copy — especially on analyzing the “why” behind a winning ad — and to automate the testing part. The tool looks at the copy in each ad group and notifies me when a test has reached statistical significance. Clicking on a specific ad group shows you which ad is winning and also includes your history of ad tests, so you don’t repeat them. Human Element For many advertisers, it’s too early to rely on Google for ad testing. A testing program requires intuition, even if Google has enough data to work with, which is not always the case. Keep the human element in the process, but use tools such as Adalysis to improve efficiency.
  • 10 Top Tips for Smarter Social Media Marketing with the Buffer Mobile App

    If you like creating and scheduling social media posts with your phone, we would love for you to try our mobile apps. 6 social network integrations With our recent addition of Instagram, you can now connect social accounts from the six major social media platforms. Using Buffer to manage your updates on the go Setting up your schedule First, it’ll be great to set up your schedule according to your preference. Here, you can select the days and times you want to have in your social media sharing schedule. When you’re done, tap on the “Buffer” button to add the update to your queue, or tap “Share Now” to send it right away. If you are on the Awesome or Buffer for Business plan, you’ll also have the option to schedule your post (Schedule Post) or add it to the top of your queue (Share Next). Managing your queue Tap on the Content tab to see your queued social media posts. Whether you add an Instagram post to your Buffer queue via the desktop or your mobile, the Buffer mobile app will send you a notification when it’s time for you to post. Share articles from your Content Inbox Curating content is a great way to provide your followers with valuable insights, establish your authority, and get more followers. If you have tried our mobile apps, what do you like most about it?
  • Digital Marketing News: What Marketers Think about AI, Autonomous Stores & GSC Adds Data

    Infographic: What Marketers Really Think About Artificial Intelligence A new infographic shows 47% of marketers consider artificial intelligence (AI) to be over-hyped. In addition, 43% of marketers believe vendors overpromise and underdeliver when it comes to AI. These may increase convenience and service levels for some customers, but many remain doubtful that this will take off in a big way. This is currently available in their beta version for some users, with a larger rollout pending. The SEM Post The State of Video Marketing: Distribution, Topic, and Budget Trends Marketers are saying that social media brings them the highest ROI for digital video distribution, followed by email. MarketingProfs Hulu Hits $1 Billion Ad Milestone In 2017, Hulu hit a record for video advertising revenue at $1 billion. They also saw a 40% rise in subscribers year-over-year in 2017 for video-on-demand and Live TV products. AdWeek Why Brands Will Go To Extremes — Lengthwise — With Digital Video In 2018 Marketing Dive reports: “In 2017, marketers spent 2x as much on online video than they did on TV ads. While standard 30-second ads aren’t going away, brands are increasingly experimenting with a wide array of video formats that push extremes length-wise.” Marketing Dive Google Is Sunsetting Adwords Review Extensions Next month, Google will be removing the text ad extensions that allow advertisers to highlight 3rd-party reviews within their ads. Social Media Today On the Lighter Side: M&M’s debuts touchdown dance contest for Super Bowl – Mobile Marketer Billy Mann Discusses Video Humor as a Tool for Marketing – Small Biz Trends TopRank Marketing In the News: Debbie Friez – 2018 Digital Marketing Trends From 20+ Marketing Experts – Hot in Social Media Josh Nite – Annual Content Planning: How To Kickstart Filling Your Editorial Calendar – HeidiCohen.com Lee Odden – What’s Trending: Bring It On, 2018 – LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Lee Odden – Social Media Experts and Influencers, to Follow in 2018 – SocialChamp Lee Odden – 5 Expert Tips To Refine Your Content Marketing Strategy For 2018 – Marketing Insider Group Lee Odden – Meet the Top 21 B2B Influencers to Watch in 2018 – B2B News Network Lee Odden – How To Research and Create Evergreen Content – BuzzSumo What was the top digital marketing news story for you this week?
  • How Content Marketing Can Save Your Digital Marketing Strategy

    But, interestingly, I’ve started to see an increasingly larger opportunity for content marketers to play a true leadership role in that broader marketing strategy. Content marketing strategy can be the foundation for a nonexistent integrated digital marketing strategy. 56% (17 of the 30, mostly B2B) said their company had no current integrated digital marketing strategy where they could roll up a broader view of all the PR, paid media campaigns, social media efforts, lead nurturing, or content-focused platforms. If, as we believe, successful content marketing is best served as a multiplier to an integrated marketing strategy, it stands to reason that having an understanding of that marketing strategy would be an important component. One of the underlying causes of frustration about the efficacy of content marketing as a strategy may be that content marketers don’t understand the business’ overall strategy of digital marketing very well. This is an opportunity to lead. Content marketing: The heart of a digital marketing strategy One interesting opportunity I’ve seen of late is how a foundational content marketing strategy can act as a catalyst for the broader, integrated digital marketing effort. If we can get to a foundational and strategic content marketing approach – we may just find the heart of a central and integrated digital marketing strategy. Example: Tech company finds integrated digital approach I’ve been working with a division of a 50-year-old global technology company in the midst of transforming from a largely event- and sales-driven (i.e., telesales) strategy into a digital content and marketing-driven strategy. His last book, Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing, was called a “treatise, and a call to arms for marketers to lead business innovation in the 21st century.” You can hear Robert on his weekly podcast with co-host Joe Pulizzi, "This Old Marketing”.

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