Most companies that are successful with content marketing typically employ a skilled team of strategists, editors, writers, and designers. You can achieve a lot with a small team but as it grows you may benefit by making a developer your next hire.

For more complex projects, you need someone with technical knowledge, which often has meant leaning on your IT department. However, content production becomes far more streamlined when you have a developer on hand at all times.

A good developer is passionate about testing and understands conversion rate optimization, which is essential if you’re serious about creating content that not only engages but also improves the company’s profits.

Also, developers usually have a great grasp of analytics, so they’re good people to help determine whether your content is working and which facets could be modified to get better results.

The analytical mindset of a developer is a great asset when combined with the creative outlook of most designers and writers. With a team of diverse skills and perspectives, you can ensure that every aspect of your content works, including informational value, visuals, and functionality.

How to hire a developer for your team

While web developers are renowned for being introverted technicians, they must be good team players, too. For your content team to function as a well-oiled machine, here are some qualities you should look for in a new developer.


People with an analytical outlook are normally quiet, intensely curious, and fanatical about pattern recognition. These individuals despise logical contradictions and are natural problem-solvers.

Good developers can work for hours in solitude and they normally have fantastic memories – at least for information relevant to them.


Developers who are technical wizards but lack communication skills will hinder your projects.

In my experience, people with analytical outlooks don’t always possess the most outgoing and effervescent personalities, but good developers can break down problems and present solutions in a coherent way for their non-technical teammates.

While your designer team members may relate to a developer to some degree, a content marketer lives in a different world. This needs to be factored into their communication.


Arrogance and coding are not a good partnership, particularly when your company’s digital presence is at stake. With an arrogant mindset, developers may think they know best when they really don’t, which can have disastrous consequences.

All developers experience situations where they don’t know the correct course of action. Having humility means they can admit their shortcomings and search for new answers for the greater good of the project. A willingness to listen to constructive criticism and try new approaches also is essential.

Experienced but always learning

Good developers follow standard protocols – crafting code that is readable and properly structured. Given that web development is evolving, good developers also learn habitually about new technologies and advancements.

Fortunately, most…