4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Make More Sales

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Make More Sales
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There are two divided sides when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI): those excited about its possibilities and those scared by its potential. Love it or hate it, AI already exists in our everyday lives.

From asking Siri to perform a Google search to asking Alexa to play your favorite song, AI is being used daily. It has several application uses, both personal and business related. Facebook Messenger chatbots are just one example of how quickly AI is being utilized by companies to streamline customer service and mundane tasks. AI also has the potential to improve your B2B lead generation, starting with the four reasons below.

1. Provides more accurate prospect information

Potential leads are sourced from a variety of channels — LinkedIn, Google, etc. — when you introduce AI into the process it can validate your data against several sources, helping you gather the most accurate data possible.

When you are contacting accurate data from the first stage of the prospecting process, it drastically improves your overall success. You aren’t calling disconnected phone numbers, dead email addresses or contacting people who have changed positions or companies. Your follow-up success and close ratio improve when you are working with accurate data from the beginning.

2. Improves productivity.

AI can work 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. It never calls in sick to work, it doesn’t need a break in the middle of the day, doesn’t take a week off for vacation and it doesn’t ever leave the office.

AI can’t replace the value an employee delivers in terms of relationship-building and…

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