See how our SocialQube monitored the #GoldenGlobes live broadcast event on Twitter using LiveAnalytics to analyze the audience.

Highly active Twitter streams during live media broadcasts, Periscope broadcasts, events or trends present tremendous opportunities to engage and market. Analyzing and engaging in these streams is not easy, however. Often the tools available are expensive or complicated to use, or only offer limited analytics in real-time. Our SocialAudience’s LiveAnalytics was developed to change the way we measure live audiences, and make it easy to view real-time conversations anytime. Understand them so we can engage during the event, and at the same time databases the audience in a searchable social database. So post-event you can build your audience, identify influencers or generate SocialReports - set up to deployment can take less than a minute! LiveAnalytics are inspired by Wall Street traders platform to filter and trade real-time actionable financial data. LiveAnalytics filters. measures and delivers real-time trends and analytics that enable social brands to have a second-by-second lenses on the pulse of the conversation, and engage. Streams are useless during trending events. Now you can see everything such as keywords, hashtags, sentiment and influencers to be able to engage, or create trend based content during the event, and immediately target the influencers engaging in that trend in the stream.

We activated LiveAnalytics to watch the explosion of Tweets around the #GoldenGlobes - it was a true “Social Tsunami”! (See video below) In less than 6 minutes, we captured 20,000 Tweets from 14,000…just massive engagement.  You can see the images being shared, the keyword trends as the broadcast progresses, top influencers and more. Savvy real-time marketers can use this second-by-second data to identify trends, Tweet into them, and then measure the amplification vs haphazardly pushing blindly into the audience. LiveAnalytics users can out trade other social marketers both during and post broadcast. All this the social data goes into a searchable social database that allows you to analyze and segment people, conversation content and influencers in the #GoldenGlobes community post event.

Nielsen recently published a series of studies in the Nielsen Nuro program that show direct correlations to the value of brands and broadcasters being active during broadcasts and events. Twitter activity is a bellwether measurement for audience engagement, and brands who engage during broadcasts and events have an increase in brand impact and memorability with the audiences.


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