In this tutorial, you will learn how to install and set-up your ContentQube Feeds.

Before you get started you need to have/know:

  • A login to ContentQube, and an understanding of how to pull your feeds
  • Knowledge about setting up new categories in WordPress
  • How to activate a plugin
Step 1: Download and install the ContentQube plugin for WordPress and activate it.
Step2: Open the dialog box by clicking on “CyberSyn” in your WordPress dashboard.  Ensure that the RSS pull mode is set to “auto”. Update options (to save).


Step 3: Under the CyberSyn options (on the left) click on RSS/Atom to open the screen where you will be adding  your feeds.  Copy and paste your ContentQube feeds into the New Feed URL field and push “Syndicate”.  From this screen you may also edit existing feeds (see second screenshot).

Step 4: Assign a value to the options below.
  • Feed URL : the ContentQube feed should be there.
  • Attribute Posts: choose an author for the posts being imported from ContentQube
  • Maximum number of posts: We recommend that our clients pull at least five articles per feed.
  • Post Status: we HIGHLY recommend that clients publish to Draft or Pending.  This gives your editors an opportunity to review content before it is published.
  • Media Attachments: The system automatically imports a featured image from the content.