How oneQube SocialAudience Revolutionizes #TwitterList Building

Learn first hand how important building Twitter list are from Pure Matter’s digital strategist Suzie McCarthy. List building at scale is the Twitter secret weapon to build large highly engaged quality communities.

For the most part networking at conferences consists of gathering a huge stack of business cards that then sit at the back of your desk drawer like those old vacation photos that one day you’ll put into an album. The introduction of LinkedIn and integrated apps like CardMuncher make for a bit of an improvement but far short in terms of relationship-building.

I know that for my part I’m lucky if I come away from an event with two or three contacts with whom I stay in touch. This is one reason Conference Organizers make getting a conference attendees list one of the perks of being a vendor or sponsor.

All of this makes SocialAudience’s real-time list creation a seriously revolutionary tool. Here’s how it works: Live-tweeting has become a standard feature of events and conferences. Platforms like SocialAudience allow you to follow the hashtags in real-time and engage participants.

But particularly at social media conferences, there are so many participants it’s impossible to keep track of them all. You can use some listening platforms to export hashtag participants but what do you do with them then? Spider allows you to convert this listening into real-time lists.

Here’s why this is so cool:

1. Draw Attention to your Presence at the Conference

When a user is added to a public list they receive a notification along the lines of:

@suzimcc added you to the list “social media influencers at SXSW”

This gets the attention of the listed user which can lead to being “followed”

Being listed is very flattering and can get the attention of the user- particularly if they are a mid-level influencer who hasn’t been listed tons of times. The amount of times that an individual is listed is also an influencer indicator so it’s a form of flattery as well as being useful to that individual.

Personal Influencer Status Boost

Creating good public lists is a very unique type of content generation. It is a signal that you are engaged with the Twitter community and with your field.

2. Post-Event Contact List

Social leads are the next big thing in lead-gen. So a twitter list of everyone tweeting from your event is worth its’ weight in gold. And here’s the coolest thing SocialAudience has made it possible to create incredibly specific and accurate lists with just a few keystrokes.

For example, as you probably know IBM used their Watson technology to run a Food Truck during SXSW. There were a lot of tweets going out about it from various news sources as well as IBM itself. But I decided that I wanted to hear what people at SXSW thought about the Food Truck. So I ran the following project: 

And this is what I got:


I then exported these profiles to a public twitter list on my account. This was also a cool way to get an interesting snapshot of SXSW attendees.


I could have also used this project on SocialAudience to continue to listen. I could have even set up email alerts to notify me whenever someone on that list tweeted new info about the IBM Food Truck so that I could then engage with them. Imagine what the IBM Watson team could have done with this!

I don’t throw around the term a lot but this is seriously revolutionary for real-time marketing and engagement. The possibilities are truly endless.